Everything You Need To Know About Last Resort Straight From The Show Bosses

Last Resort

Last Resort is about to add some excitement to your fall lineup, and TV Equals was available to learn more about the show from the show’s creators and executive producers Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek through a conference call. Read below to learn about the creation of the show, the types of settings to be used and more.

How Last Resort came to be

The origins of Last Resort stem from Gajdusek’s love of submarine tales.

“I had a love of submarine stories from early on. My father [had]…books of subs in the South Pacific all over our library at home,” said Gajdusek.  “And so, I always love the submarine genre and some of those great, you know, The Hunt for Red OctoberCrimson Tide, or these kind of fantastic tension-filled sub films. And as I start to think about what a show could come about it, it would take in that sort of tension sub genre.”

Military drama or adventure show?

Gajdusek said Last Resort is not necessarily a show about military secrets. “We don’t consider this show to be a military intrigue show. We think of it as a large dramatic epic adventure, if you will. And so, the short answer is much, much the latter,” he said.  “Although the military intrigue and the political intrigue is a huge sort of juicy part which is the part of our show. Hopefully, it will lead to some great mysteries and some great thriller tension moments. But the question of who have done [what] is not nearly as big as the, what will these people do with the situation there in?

Various settings in Last Resort

Last Resort will feature characters in various settings aside  from the submarine, the Colorado. The island the Colorado’s crew find themselves on and Washington D.C., will also play huge roles in the show. Ryan talked about how the show’s various settings will be used.

” There’s some crossover…[s]o it’s hard to say pretty exact percentage. What we’ve talked about is probably 60% of the action will take place on the island; 20% on the sub; and 20% D.C.,” he said. ” Now, some characters can be fluid. Obviously, characters like Sam [Scott Speedman] and Marcus [Andre Braugher] will be on the island and on the sub. Sometimes there might be some communication with people in D.C., et cetera. So there’s a fluid [basis] to this, but we’ll be on the island a lot. We are definitely going to use our submarine going forward. And we’re definitely going to play up the D.C. thing. Now, we don’t want to get too formulary with the show, so not every episode will match up to pie chart. But that’s in general pie chart that covers the whole season, I would say.”

Last Resort and today’s politics

Because of the storyline, Last Resort is probably seen by some as a show that will be rife with political commentary. Ryan, however, said the show will be less about certain political ideas and more about drama.

“You know, I would say that one thing we did is we’re really focusing on the characters in the situation. We’re not focusing on a political agenda. You know, we’re not naming political parties in this show — the president who seems to be going off the rails in our pilot…we’re not identifying as one side or the other,” he said.  “And really, this isn’t a show that’s about Democrat versus Republican. It’s more show about power versus the less powerful in investigating those dynamics.”

Last Resort premieres Thursday, September 27 at 8/7c on ABC.