CSI “Karma to Burn” Review

CSI Season 13 Premiere Karma To Burn (10)
Welcome to the 13th season of CSI, picking up exactly where season 12 left off with “Karma to Burn.” In case you need it, we left with DB’s granddaughter being kidnapped, Ecklie being shot and Nick quitting because he didn’t believe they could ever clean out the corruption caused by Warrick’s murderer, former undersheriff Keen.

True, the corruption ran pretty deep, but I have to say, Nick’s lack of faith disturbed me. Although in the end he reluctantly pulled it together and helped with the investigation, he may have done some serious damage to his friendship with Sara. As everything crumbled around them, it was Sara calling him, begging him to simply let them know that he was all right. He ignored every call and only came back when he got himself detained for being drunk and disorderly.

In the meantime, Finn let herself get cornered by one of Keen’s goons and he ended up taking her straight to DB’s granddaughter. Maybe her plan to send the little girl out through an air vent wasn’t the best plan, but it was her only option. DB, of course, couldn’t see that through his own guilt and anger. It was interesting not only to see him at the end of his rope, because he’d been so cool and hip before, but to find out that he experiences some fairly intense hallucinations. I mean, we all imagined him killing Keen, but he also imagined his wife leaving him. There were also hints about an event in his past that I hope aren’t just ignored from now on. Brass seems to have his number; he knew DB well enough to try to keep a key witness out of his line of fire. It didn’t work, though, and by DB finding him, he basically got the man killed, proving yet again that Brass is far cooler than anyone else and should just be allowed to be awesome without anyone questioning him.

Can I just say…there was a time when I would have been very glad to see Ecklie taken down via shotgun, so I was amazed to find myself happy that he pulled through. So was his daughter, Morgan, who felt that if he died, she would have personally responsible because she’d hated him so much growing up. She was so relieved at his recovery that she kissed Hodges when he came to pick up the shotgun pellets pulled from Ecklie’s chest. They’d been building up to that for awhile, so it didn’t exactly come out of nowhere, but I still think it should have been her and Greg. Let us not forget Wendy Simms and let us continue to hope that she comes back from Portland or Seattle or wherever to claim her weird little man in Trace.

In the end, they found DB’s granddaughter alive and flushed out the rest of Keen’s flunkies. DB arranged for Keen to spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement in a federal facility in another state, far away from anyone over whom he might exercise influence. He and Finn seem to be back on good terms, but Nick isn’t totally back on board yet. In my favorite scene of the night, he and Sara went at each other after she told him that he couldn’t just quit and return like it meant nothing. He shot back that she had better not judge him because she had done the exact same thing. She countered with the fact that she didn’t announce her resignation; she left Grissom a letter and only came back after months of getting her head together. Greg stepped in when it started to get ugly and delivered the best line of the night.

Greg: All right, all right, all right! This is not how family treats each other! (beat) Actually it is.

It boiled down to Greg asking Nick if he was back or not, but there was no answer. Oh, Nicky. You were supposed to step up in the wake of Grissom and Catherine. I’m very disappointed in you, and I totally understand why Sara is, too. Again, I hope they don’t just let this friction between Sara and Nick drop. Greg was right when he said they were family, but even families have to deal with repercussions to their actions and the inevitable consequences of walking out on each other.

So…what did you think of the episode? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Also, you can follow me on Twitter @krieli1, so you never miss a review. I have a weird feeling that this will be the last year we get together like this.

  • Jean

    Great review. I agree there is no logical reason to choose Hodges over Greg. Ever. And in any context. Love interest. DNA analysis. Dancing. Choice of music on a jukebox. Witty comebacks. Eating of spaghetti while wearing a white shirt. Greg is simply a better choice — always. 
    It was good to see Brass as the voice of reason because CSI doesn’t stand for Cowboy Stokes, Investigator. Your review of the scene with Greg, Sara and Nick was spot on. That felt like old times.

    • Kristen Elizabeth

      Thank you!  Lol- I agree that Greg is cuter, but I did really like Hodges and Wendy.  I got behind that pairing;) 

  • I really liked it. This hour flew by an I am feeling that CSI may once again become must watch TV.  I enjoyed all the time on air for Sara and Greg.  It is very nice to see the writers and producers using the deep talent they have instead of focusing on Finn and DB.  I love DB and his zen ways.  As for Finn, well she is quickly becoming a character not unlike Langston, and I hate to say this out loud.  Shue is a fantastic actress and she should have been a strong lead, but her character has not been written to bond with any of the characters other than to be snide to DB or satisfy her lust with a Detective.  Show us a deeper Finn please and don’t forget the science and leave the police work to Brass because CSI’s are not cops and since Petersen left that fact has been lost.