ABC’s Last Resort: Just Watch!

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There are only two new series that I am really excited about this Fall season and that would be The CW’s Arrow and ABC’s Last Resort and luckily the latter premieres tonight. Yay!

So let’s talk about Last Resort and why you should watch at least the first episode before making a final decision.

Last Resort follows the crew of a U.S. ballistic missile submarine, the Colorado, who are on the run on an exotic island after their Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) refused to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan, without getting proper confirmation of the orders.

While I wasn’t initially sure the premise could keep me captivated, I was proven wrong in an instant when watching the first episode “Captain.” All the elements worked so well together that I kept thinking “this is so good” all throughout the episode.

The tension the first episode builds up is incredible and I was on board with the characters by the end of episode one. Since then, I have been raving about Last Resort, however it is always a delicate thing to rave about a show solely based on its pilot because it could all come crashing down in future episodes (which has happened more than I’d like to say). And that’s where Last Resort beat the odds.

I got a chance to screen the second episode “Blue on Blue” as well, and that one was even better than the first one. Yes, you heard right. Not only was the premiere brilliant, it got even better. In fact, I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here again, Andre Braugher needs to be nominated for something for his performance in the show, but more specifically a scene in episode two. It is such a powerful heartbreaking moment, that you’ll feel tears at the edge of your eyes before you know it.

Speaking of performances, Braugher is without at doubt the spine that holds the show together, but Scott Speedman is another strong player. The dynamic between the two characters is what I find the most compelling. I think some of the most interesting relationships on to watch unfold are the ones based in trust and respect and that’s exactly what Chaplin and Kendal have for each other.

I have also come to love Lieutenant Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts) who I think is bound for some great character growth this season. She has a great moment in the second episode that informs what kind of person she is, which I really enjoyed.

But not every character is on the island. Last Resort features a parallel storyline in Washington D.C. and introduces the character of Kylie Sinclair (Autumn Reeser) who has some interest as to the fate of the Colorado and could become on of the other characters you root for.

The series comes from Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Karl Gajdusek who described the series as an “epic adventure” in a recent interview and they made a point that the show was more about drama and characters rather than a political idea, which is made clear once you watch the series.

I cannot stress enough how captivating this show is and if the second episode is anything to go by, it’s going to be an exciting ride. So give the pilot a shot and hopefully like me you’ll come back for more.

Last Resort premieres tonight, September 27th, at 8pm on ABC. You can watch a preview for the premiere here.

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