Survivor: Philippines “Don’t be Blinded by the Headlights” Review

Survivor: Philippines Season 25 Episode 2 Don’t Be Blinded By The Headlights (5)

Survivor: Philippines returned tonight with the second episode of the 25th season entitled “Don’t be Blinded by the Headlights”. I was interested to see how the Survivor crew would handle three tribes when we only have an hour as opposed to last week’s 90 minute premiere, and I think they really did an admirable job.

I think it’s very telling just how much footage needs to get crammed into the one hour episode when you see just how much got shoved into the pre-credits scenes. Not only did we get Russell’s post-tribal thoughts as he says he wants to take a more back seat role and not be a leader, but we actually see a little bit of a romance blossoming between Malcolm and Angie. Survivor romances, or “Showmances” if you will, are usually a bad idea. Boston Rob and Amber is a good example of how dangerous these couples can be, but it’s definitely a little bit dumb to be so open with your showmance this early in the game. It paints a huge target on your back, and I’m genuinely surprised that Malcolm would be so short-sighted. As the episode title indicates, he’s obviously a little blinded by Angie’s headlights…

Elsewhere on the island, Jonathan Penner found an immunity idol over on Kalabaw. I was criticizing him last week for separating himself from the rest of his tribe to search for the idol, but I guess it paid off! Hopefully he can focus on his social game a little more now that he’s found it, as his tribe is already writing him off.

There’s a few other minor pre-challenge beats to discuss, as both Roxy and Lisa experienced breakdowns (Or #SurvivorBreakdowns, as the hashtag at the bottom would have you believe). It’s never easy to watch people break down and cry, but I have a hard time feeling bad for either of them. Lisa, if you feel a separation from your tribe and feel lonely, tell them your story! Those young kids would love to hear about how you’ve been in showbiz since you were 12, that would really help them relate to you! Roxy breaking down was a little sad, but then maybe you shouldn’t start speaking in tongues as soon as the sun comes up. Not exactly a good way to keep your tribe comfortable.

When Matsing loses their second straight challenge in spectacular fashion, Russell is definitely not happy. Again. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a tribe that is so bad both physically and mentally in challenges, and both Roxy and Angie came up equally disappointing in the challenge. When we got back to camp, Roxy tried her hardest to throw suspicion on Malcolm and Angie, but it turned out to be all for naught. Despite a vicious showing at tribal council, Roxy was the second person sent home tonight. Seeing as how she admits to not doing anything around camp, she’s bad in challenges, and she has a terrible social game to boot, this was an absolute no brainer. Here’s hoping Matsing can turn it around and we can see a different tribe in week three. See you all next week!

Random Thoughts:

– Wouldn’t somebody notice that the little logo on top of the rice container was missing? That’s not a very inconspicuous place to hide the “hidden” immunity idol…

– I know this isn’t specifically Survivor related, but why is it that CBS can put HD cameras on a remote tropical island in the pouring rain twice a year on Survivor, they can send HD cameras around the world on Amazing Race, but they can’t put HD cameras in a freaking house in Hollywood for Big Brother?! Get on it, CBS!

– I may not have liked Roxy very much, but I definitely enjoyed her “booby trap” pun. Well played, Roxy, well played.