Private Practice “Aftershock” Review

Private Practice Season 6 Premiere 2012 (8)

The sixth season of Private Practice kicked off this week with a major question left hanging from last season’s finale – would Addison accept Sam’s marriage proposal?

The show opening was deceptively optimistic as we saw Sam happily preparing breakfast, Mason looked much happier, Henry is older and cuter, Pete was out of jail and out on a run. As Violet observed, I thought it was going to be a great day for all, until . . .

Pete and Violet

The biggest stress in Pete and Violet’s life was supposed to be the outcome of his court hearing for killing a patient last season. It appeared as though Pete jumped bail but what happened was far worse. While out on his morning run, Pete died of a heart attack. I had become so caught up in Pete’s legal troubles that I completely forgot about the heart issues that from the start of last season.

I was disappointed to see Pete die so suddenly after it took so much time for he and Violet to finally get on the same page. I wish we’d spent less time on both of them trying to find their way last season and more time with them just being happy. Violet is not my favorite character but no one would deny that she has been through her fair share of traumatic experiences on Private Practice. Shonda – can we agree to give Violet a break now?

Amelia and Sheldon

It was great to see that Amelia has maintained her sobriety. She will be a great resource for Violet as she deals with the loss of her husband. It was also nice to see that she and Sheldon have mended their friendship. I still want to see these two together but it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon with Sheldon dating his ex again.

Like Amelia, I need Sheldon to stick around for awhile. I really hope his health issues do not prove to be fatal.

Addison, Sam and Jake

With Kate Walsh announcing that this would be her final season of Private Practice, I suspected that she would choose Jake. Taye Diggs has not declared any intention of leaving and although I love Benjamin Bratt, it would be much easier to write an exit for Jake and Addison by season’s end.

From a fan’s perspective, I was never a fan of AddiSam. I could never get over the fact that he was married to her best friend. That was only made worse by her affair with Mark, her ex-husband’s best friend. I’d hoped the man for Addison would be someone completely outside of her social circle. Jake was a suitable compromise as he knew Sam but they weren’t exactly best friends. Of course, it wouldn’t be Addison if she didn’t allow her neurotic tendency to over think things create a few bumps in the road with Jake. She’s with him now but that is no guarantee that she’ll be with him at the season’s end.

Charlotte and Cooper

Charlotte and Cooper have become my favorite characters, as well as favorite couple, on the show. I truly enjoyed watching her bond with Mason develop last season and it was great to see that he was in a better place emotionally. How cute is he? The revelation that Charlotte was not just pregnant – but pregnant with TRIPLETS – was as shocking as Pete’s death.

Charlotte has never kept her feelings about motherhood a secret and Mason was clearly an adorable exception to the rule. I expect a of bitching and complaining from Charlotte this season but I know she’ll come around. I hope the writers avoid a trite storyline in which she has to nearly lose her children in order to appreciate having them. We’ve already been through something similar with the way in which she embraced Mason after his mother’s death.

Overall, I thought the premiere did a really great job of both catching viewers up and establishing upcoming story lines. What did you think of the Private Practice season premiere? Sound off below?

  • Sdv

    Sam being ex-husband to Addison’s best friend was never a reason for my anti-Addisam sentiments. His post-Bizzy behaviour was. Glad that Addisam has ended and I hope it ends for good. Mark’s news would come as a test. I hope Addie holds up.

    • I completely forgot about his post-Bizzy behavior.  And I just remembered his attitude towards Addison’s hopes to become a mother.  Yeah, at the end of the day I think I just dislike Sam.  

  • Karoline_amalie

    All in all I LOVED
    the season premier.

    I did not like Pete,
    so I can`t say that I am going to miss him. Addy picking Jake was awesome in my
    opinion. I could never see her with Sam after the way he treated her in season
    5 (the baby story…) It would be all wrong for her to pick him now that he has
    had some time to think and suddenly wants a baby…Pathetic. Sam, plz go away.

    The winner of the
    most awesomest characters and couple on TV goes to Chalotte and Coop! And
    Charlotte being pregnant with a lot of babies is just hysterical! There is no
    way in hell that she`ll ever carry all of those babies to term, but still…There
    is a small chance that she`ll at least get one 😉 And I love Mason with these
    two. Such a perfect little family. Mason is by fare the best late addition to
    any cast, on any TV show I have ever seen.



  • Afrouz

    It was awesome!

  • Emily

    Loved the premiere! Love that Charlotte is having triplets but I still don’t like Mason. It’s just something about that kid that I don’t like. There are so many cute kids on Disney Channel but this Mason is  obnoxious from the expressions he makes and the way he talks – not cute. Other than that I loved the premiere

  • Jenn

    Thumbs up from me. I did find it a little confusing with the back and forth. Like at first I thought Shledon must have prostate cancer because sam stuck his finger up his backside but after watching it again I think that was just a normal part of the exam for a man over 50. I think maybe he got hiv from his wife now or he has some blood cancer.
    I loved CharCoop but I agree Mason is not a good kid for them. He’s too snarky for an eight year old. I would rather see them with a cute, innocent little guy. It’s a shme because it would be so much better if I actualyy liked their kid. But still, I can’t wait for the triplets to be born.
    I’m happy about Addison’s choice of Jake. They beat the hell out of her and Sam. I was bored with that relationship.
    I liked the this episode!

  • pam

    It would have been nice to see it advertised.  As it was not and I missed it.  All the garbage reality shows are advertised and I’ve been waiting to hear when it started back.  My first miss.  BOOO  HOOO!! 

  • Teeteeshouse

    confusing , boring and drawn out . hated the new opening , why couldnt they just pick up where they left off . and the time on everything was annoying didnt keep my attention . charlotte with triplets REALLY!!! omg can’t get into it