Parenthood “Everything is Not Okay” Review

Full disclosure, Kurt Sutter ripped my heart out on Sons of Anarchy this week and I was not sure I could handle any heartache relating to Kristina’s recent cancer diagnosis on Parenthood. Alas, I finally collected myself from the puddle of tears brought on by Sons and cued up the show. If nothing else, I was sure that Ray Romano’s prickly Hank would either make me giggle or cringe and that was an improvement.

It was so great to see the Braverman grandchildren – including Victor – all together in the back of Zeek’s car. Unfortunately, the kids had to watch grandpa get locked up for driving on an expired license. Eek!

Although I fully expect that Kristina’s breast cancer storyline will be heartbreaking, I was pretty excited to see Kurt Fuller (Woody from Psych) playing her doctor. I kept wanting Shawn and Gus to stroll in and have an awkward conversation with him over a corpse. (Note to self: Look up Psych’s return date.)

I forgot how stress made Adam act like a bit of a jerk. Between calling the cancer patient a pirate and releasing his displaced anger on Amber, he appeared to be taking the news of the cancer diagnosis much harder than Kristina. I really hope this isn’t one of those family secrets that drags on much longer.

Despite being initially put off by Fuller’s bedside manner, Kristina learned that his cell phone distractions were calls from his patients on his personal cell phone. That means more Fuller on Parenthood, which is a slight ray of hope in what is certain to be a very somber plot.

If it wasn’t apparent before, it is clear that Sarah is falling for Hank. He may be a little cranky at first but with each episode his character develops new layers – all of which are slowly reeling her in. I’m sure it’s only a matter of weeks before Mark realizes that Sarah’s complaints about her cranky boss are much more than the normal rantings of an overworked employee.

Adam and Kristina were not the only ones in their household facing new challenges. Devastated by the loss of vending machines at his school, Max decided to run for student council. Is it too much for me to ask that this have a happy ending? I’m sure this campaign will be painful to watch at times, so I’d love the payoff of Max actually winning. Having previously worked on a political campaign, I hope that Amber will be a much needed source of guidance and support for her cousin as I suspect his parents will be a bit distracted.

By the way, I love that Max referred to his grandfather’s conflict with the police as a “low speed chase.” Ha!

Overall, I thought this week’s episode of Parenthood was pretty good. The show could easily become solely about Adam and Kristina, so kudos to the writers for doing a great job of still looping in the other members of the Braverman family. Is anyone else still a little nervous about Zeek’s heart condition? Indeed, everything is not okay. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!