Once Upon A Time: 7 Key Questions For Season 2

The season one finale of Once Upon a Time upended the show’s premise when the curse was broken and Mr. Gold released magic into Storybrooke. I had assumed those two acts were being reserved for the series finale, not the first season finale, but that’s just how Once Upon a Time‘s first season rolled–it made a habit of subverting expectations with its fresh takes on classic characters and its twisty plots.

With the season two premiere almost upon us, I decided we needed a cheat sheet for the lingering questions that are going to be the most pertinent as we head into season two. A note of warning for those trying to stay spoiler-free: there will be casting, character and small plot spoilers for season two below, so if you’re a spoilerphobe tread lightly.

How Will The Sudden Influx Of Magic Affect The Residents Of Storybrooke?

Once Upon A Time

Bringing magic into the real world was a risky move on Mr. Gold’s part. His goal was to gain the upper hand in his battle with Regina, but he won’t be the only one with access to all that power. All of the characters are now aware of their fairy tale alter egos and many of them aren’t going to be happy about the time they have lost, which creates a situation where revenge will be on a lot of people’s minds. Then we have the villains to worry about, like Captain Hook, who was already looking menacing in the teaser trailer that was released over the summer.

Vendettas and villains aside, there’s also the pesky concern that introducing magic into a non-magical reality could lead to some unforeseen consequences. A whole different set of rules will apply in the real world. Now that the curse has been broken, the characters are likely no longer bound to Storybrooke, so that means they could use magic in the world beyond Storybrooke’s boarders. In the wrong hands that kind of power could be very dangerous.

Finally, we have characters like Ruby, for whom magic is its own curse, to consider. Since Ruby’s portrayer Meghan Ory was promoted to a series regular over the summer, we’ll definitely get to see her work through the return of her wolf issues, but I’m betting she won’t be the only character that ends up experiencing the downsides of magic this season.

Will Emma and Regina Continue To Battle Over Henry?

In the finale, Emma saved her son with true love’s kiss and broke the curse in the process. She may have been reluctant to play a role in Henry’s life when the series began, but by the end of season one she had evolved into a fiercely protective mother willing to battle a dragon if it meant saving her son. Still, Regina is Henry’s legal guardian if we’re playing by real world rules, and evil though she may be in other areas of her life, she does seem to genuinely love Henry.

Spoilers indicate that even though Storybrooke has received an infusion of magic, Regina will still be powerless. Will this spur her on to lay a stronger claim on Henry or will she let him go in order to focus on getting her powers back? Being rendered powerless could set Regina up for a nice redemption arc or it could just make her wicked side come out more often.

Is The Charming Family Reunion Going To Be A Happy One?

For the Charming family, the awakening is going to be especially bittersweet. Realizing you’re the same age as your daughter has to be traumatic, and that’s the situation Mary Margaret and David have found themselves in with Emma. They missed her entire childhood, but for them it feels as if time has stood still while their daughter was off growing up. Emma herself has some serious abandonment issues to work through as well.

The only member of the Charming brood that I can see this reunion being all smiles for is Henry, who is gaining a grandmother and a grandfather to go along with his birth mother. There’s a good chance that Mary Margaret and David could see getting closer to Henry as a way to bridge the gap between themselves and Emma, as well as a way to make up for some of the time they missed out on with their own daughter.

Who Is Dr. Whale?

There has been much speculation on who Dr. Whale’s fairy tale counterpart might be, but I didn’t think it was a particularly pressing concern until I saw how present he was in the season premiere photos. He looks to be leading a mob to Regina’s house, which isn’t suspicious in and of itself because, really, who doesn’t have a reason to be ticked off at Regina in this town? What got my spidey sense tingling is the way he seems to be taunting Regina and antagonizing David in the photos.

That suggests Dr. Whale’s connection to the Queen and the Charming family isn’t a tenuous one. They clearly have a past, and he could be far more important to the story than we previously thought.

Is August Alive?

Once Upon a Time (ABC) The Return Episode 19 (4)

After a slow start, August emerged as one of the first season’s most compelling (and tragic) characters. By the time it was revealed that he was Pinocchio and was slowly reverting to his puppet state because he couldn’t uphold his promise to make Emma believe, I was a goner. When we last saw August he was completely wooden and I, for one, was devastated.

His fate will definitely be revealed this season…but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s out of the woods.

Who Is Henry’s Father?/Where Is Baelfire?

Why am I making this one a twofer? Because I, like many other fans, believe Baelfire and Henry’s dad are the same person…although given that it’s such a popular theory it’s probably totally wrong. What we know for sure is that it was confirmed at Comic-Con that we will find out the identity of Henry’s dad this year.

The current most likely candidate is season two guest star Michael Raymond-James. The identity of his character is being kept under wraps, but Raymond-James is an incredibly talented guy (fans of FX’s Terriers can back me up here) and I can see him getting a plum part. As for Baelfire, the portal that transported him to another world could have sent him to our world or it could have sent him to meet a certain Hurley-shaped giant. (Hey, he did have magic beans.)

Who Wrote Henry’s Book?

Someone had to compile all of those stories. Was it Mr. Gold, a Grimm Brothers style observer or someone we would never expect? Given how the book holds the mythology for the entire series, I would say this question might be the most important one of all.


Okay, Once Upon a Time fans, it’s your turn. Which lingering questions do you want to see answered the most? What’s your favorite fan theory? Have any predictions for season two? Share away in the comments!

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