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NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 Premiere Endgame

In the NCIS:Los Angeles season 4 premiere, called “Endgame,” Callen, Hetty and the rest of the team deal with the aftermath of the shooting that sent Callen to prison. They also pull off a caper of epic proportions.

Oh NCISLA, how you led us on a long and winding journey with lots of twists and turns. Did I suspect that Callen shooting Janvier (aka The Chameleon) was all part of some big ruse? Sure I did. This is television after all. But I wasn’t positive that it was a set-up and that’s completely due to how well everyone played their parts; not only the actors themselves, but also their characters. Everyone did such a good job at acting like Callen was a man who had fallen apart, that I definitely believed it for a while.

Plus, that would’ve been such an awesome story. Callen seemed like he’d reached the end of his rope and was taking out his anger about the whole situation on everyone. He was barely talking to Sam, had completely lost communication with the rest of the team and was only barely speaking to Hetty. As much as I didn’t want the shooting to be real, the other part of me was so caught up in what was happening to him that I wasn’t concentrating too hard on the facts.

Such as the fact that Callen and Hetty are clever, clever little beasts and would have no trouble pulling off a plan as epic as this one to get their ultimate goal: having Janvier pay for his crimes. It may not have been at their hands, but by sending Callen down this imagined path of self-destruction they brought out some other bad guys from hiding who will do it for them. Like I said: clever.

And the best part of this scenario is that we got to have all the angst and drama of Callen doing something as awful as shooting an unarmed man in cold blood, but then got to have everything and everyone put back to normal in the end. I loved how they went back in time and showed us all the bits of the scenes we hadn’t seen before, giving us every detail of how the team pulled it off.

All in all, a fantastic season opener.

My favorite bits..

Whoa. That was a pretty major confrontation for those two. I’m thinking that Callen’s trying to protect Sam, though.

Sam taking out two of Vaziri’s men without even breaking a sweat.

Poor Eric trying to take down the video and it popping up faster than he could.

“How long do you think you can hold your breath under water, Calvin?”

LOL, of course Hetty’s boat is called “Lady H.” So perfect. And of course it was once impounded. Hetty is so very badass.

“Get the HELL off my yacht.” Oh, how I love that woman.

Callen. In a wetsuit. That is all.

Hetty telling Sam that he could come out from his hiding place.

“He says he’s fine.”
“But you and I know otherwise.”

“Go home Sam. Mr. Callen and I are on our own.”

“How is retirement?”
“I could die of boredom, if someone doesn’t shoot me first.”

“And if I need to find you?”
“Nearest bar.”

Callen bargaining with Vaziri for Hetty’s life.

Okay now I’m suspicious that this whole thing, this whole darn thing, is a set up.

Is anyone else thinking that poor Vance and the SecNav must’ve been busy, considering all of this is happening at the same time as the bombing at NCIS in D.C.?

Aha! I knew it! What plan, Sam? Hmm.?

“This could get interesting.”
“I like interesting.”

“You got everything?”
“Yes mom.”

Deeks checking out Kensi’s ass and remarking that the skirt was “working.” And for the record I’d just like to say that Deeks’ suit was “working” for me, too. Just sayin’.

Whoa. Kensi does a nice impression of a bitchy wife.

Yep, looks like the skirt is definitely working. LOL.

“I hate Plan B.” – Considering it consisted mostly of running like hell, I can’t really blame Deeks for that.

“There is someone who can prove that everything I am saying is true.” – AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!!


Sam handing Callen his bad and gun back.

“I hope you haven’t moved my things, Owen.”
“I’m not that crazy.” – LOL! You know, I think I may be starting to like Granger.

Hetty flopping down in her chair.

Laughing as soon as Granger said that a body had washed up on the beach. I had no doubt that it was Khadem and I also had no doubt who put him there.

Final Funny Blackout Moment – “Would you like a cup of tea, Owen? Or would you like something a little stronger?

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Carolyn

    Brilliant. Satisfying. Complete. Loved it. Couldn’t have been better!!!

  • That whole safety deposit box scene was awesome – I was just laughing the whole way through; all the actions and reactions of the characters/actors were perfect!  
    And did you catch the hint of a smile come to Hetty’s face at the end when Grainger was telling her about Khadim’s body being found?  I thought that was perfect!  
    And say no more about the beach scene 😉  *swoon* 

  • steph

    Hey, you got a RT from Eric! 😀
    That episode was intense! I have to say I knew the shooting was staged the minute it happened (even creative tv writers couldn’t get Callen out of jail and back to normal at NCIS if he had really shot him…), but I still went crazy watching the episode – just when I thought I had figured one thing out the next twist came along! And I definitely didn’t see the end coming, that everything was planned just so they could hand Janvier over to the Iranians – genius! The writers on this show amaze me every week 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I know, that’s so crazy that Eric RT’s my reviews. Daniela and Renee have done it a couple times, too. That whole cast is so awesome and nice. 

      Right? Who saw that end coming?? Amazing, indeed. 

      • steph

        Yeah, they’re really great! I love that they tweet so much – and so many photos 🙂

  • Mac

    Haha! I totally knew the whole thing was a setup since the finale, when Callen shot the guy. Also, Deeks suit was working for me too.

  • ptjackson

    Ok, so the wetsuit was nice, but a bathing suit alone would have been nicer…. just sayin’….

    So, the bank thing – it was hysterical, and I enjoyed it, but my husband was like “no way would they get away with that in real life, those people are trained in dealing with distractions, and the minute she started yelling, security would be there to escort her out.” The thing is, they do these type of distractions regularly on TV – Burn Notice does it all the time  – so it does kind of make sense that banks and other secure facilities would train against it. There was a program recently – can’t remember which one, where the person tried circumventing the security guard, and got in the elevator, but before the doors closed, the guard stopped them. Now, he was then promptly killed, but still, that is more realistic, I think. Yes, I am the party wet blanket……

    LOL at your typo: “Sam handing Callen his bad and gun back.” Yes, he did hand him back his bad too….. 😎

    The look on Hetty’s face over the chair was so funny, but then equally funny was her slowly rising….. gee, I love Hetty!!

    Great review as always!

    • Anonymous

      “Ok, so the wetsuit was nice, but a bathing suit alone would have been nicer…. just sayin’….”
      Haha! Very true. 

      Well if it’s any consolation, I do the whole “that would NEVER happen” thing all the time. I guess Deeks in the suit distracted me enough that I didn’t get the chance to think it this time. LOL. 

      Oh man! What is it with me and typos this week. Well, at least that one almost makes sense. ;o)

      • ptjackson

         We are definitely twins separated at birth….

        and if you are gonna have typos, have them make sense!! LOL…..