Law & Order SVU Season 14 Premiere Advance Review

NBC premieres its 14th Season of LAW & ORDER: SVU in a special two hour event tonight at 9 pm ET. I was lucky enough to view both episodes prior to tonight’s debut. Picking up where Season 13 left off, the SVU department is rocked by a scandal so huge and so unbelievable that it shakes every single one of them to the core.

In “Lost Reputation”, Captain Cragen awakens to find a dead prostitute and blood on his hands, literally. With no memory of the events of the days prior, the public cries for justice and the attorney general seems to respond. Once Olivia, Munch, Fin and Nick start to investigate further, it appears someone knows all of their dirty little secrets and has a reason to want the Captain behind bars. In “Above Suspicion”, the possible conspiracy continues further up the chain until almost everyone is a suspect in what looks like a way to basically destroy the SVU department, or save their own skins.

I have to admit that I was not a big fan of this premiere. Although it was shocking to see and possibly think that the Captain could be involved in a murder, and although I appreciate the bit of irony in the head of the SVU department becoming embroiled in a sex scandal, I thought that the plot was too focused on conspiracies and less upon what draws me to the show. For me, Law & Order: SVU has always been about the ripped-from-the-headlines stories and watching how those murders or sexual assaults effect the detectives. It was too much for me to watch two hours of the detectives dealing with a crime of one of their own.

Another thing that bothered me was Nick. Forever an Elliott Stabler fan, I guess I am still getting used to his “replacement.” These episodes made me long for Elliott even more. Nick seemed too rogue and brooding. He did not interact with anyone and for most of the episodes, I focused my suspicion on him. That is not good when it involves one of the main detectives.

Law & Order: SVU has long been one of my favorite shows and I am not giving up on it just yet. However, the premiere was just underwhelming. What did you think? Did you watch the two-hour premiere tonight? If so, come back here and tell me what you thought.