Law & Order SVU Season 14 Premiere Advance Review

NBC premieres its 14th Season of LAW & ORDER: SVU in a special two hour event tonight at 9 pm ET. I was lucky enough to view both episodes prior to tonight’s debut. Picking up where Season 13 left off, the SVU department is rocked by a scandal so huge and so unbelievable that it shakes every single one of them to the core.

In “Lost Reputation”, Captain Cragen awakens to find a dead prostitute and blood on his hands, literally. With no memory of the events of the days prior, the public cries for justice and the attorney general seems to respond. Once Olivia, Munch, Fin and Nick start to investigate further, it appears someone knows all of their dirty little secrets and has a reason to want the Captain behind bars. In “Above Suspicion”, the possible conspiracy continues further up the chain until almost everyone is a suspect in what looks like a way to basically destroy the SVU department, or save their own skins.

I have to admit that I was not a big fan of this premiere. Although it was shocking to see and possibly think that the Captain could be involved in a murder, and although I appreciate the bit of irony in the head of the SVU department becoming embroiled in a sex scandal, I thought that the plot was too focused on conspiracies and less upon what draws me to the show. For me, Law & Order: SVU has always been about the ripped-from-the-headlines stories and watching how those murders or sexual assaults effect the detectives. It was too much for me to watch two hours of the detectives dealing with a crime of one of their own.

Another thing that bothered me was Nick. Forever an Elliott Stabler fan, I guess I am still getting used to his “replacement.” These episodes made me long for Elliott even more. Nick seemed too rogue and brooding. He did not interact with anyone and for most of the episodes, I focused my suspicion on him. That is not good when it involves one of the main detectives.

Law & Order: SVU has long been one of my favorite shows and I am not giving up on it just yet. However, the premiere was just underwhelming. What did you think? Did you watch the two-hour premiere tonight? If so, come back here and tell me what you thought.

  • Dawndledet

    who is the person john moresco who the episode is dedicated to?

    • Case

      i dont know yet …i just got through watching and still wondering who John is as well…

    • Craftsissi

      I’m wondering the same thing who is John M??? I agree that it was not my favorite!!

    • Kjlintner

      John Moresco was a driver in the movie industry. He was a member of Theatrical Teamsters Local 817. He passed away in August of 2012. He was a driver for the movie Precious and lived in NYC.

    • IDK but he looks kind of young. I wonder what happened to him.

  • Jennyrivera99

    I was disappointed with Olivia’s new partner as well. I am afraid noone is going to measure up to Elliot stabler. He was more believable and likable to children. I thought the plot was there but the character line was missing between partners.

    • Channing Conder

      I so agree!!! He is and will always be my fav!!! and Stabler is awesome and made law and order svu what it is.and he was one of the sexiest men also 🙂

    • Larrybaty

      That is the storyline, the actor that plays Nick plays hotheaded detectives.

    • Tweedahlia33

      The “mayhem” guy

      • Main Comp Junk

        Dennis Winters is the “mayhem” Allstate guy

    • Roni

      I stopped watching SVU because I didn’t like Stabler’s replacement. The weird part is I like him a lot on Cold Case just not on SVU. I switched from SVU to Criminal Minds. Now CM lost my favorite character and SVU picked her up. Paget Brewster is great. I don’t like the character the writers came up with.

    • Dani Bradford

      It seems that not liking the new guy is something many SVU fans have in common. Maybe he will grow on us over time.

  • Stick69

    John Moresco was Theatrical Teamster local 814 in NY. Not much on his passing.

  • Ab_giles

    Sigh.. I want Elliot back.. 🙁 it’s still great….but just not the same…at all.

    • Channing Conder

      me too!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if we write alot of letters then maybe they will put him back on or something! It could happen lol

    • Dani Bradford

      I agree.  No one can be Elliot 🙁

  • Bunkit

    I was also disappointed in the show. It wasn’t interesting like in the past episodes. The show seemed totally opposite featuring only on one of their own. Didn’t like Nick nor blonde detective.

  • Channing Conder

    Tonight law and order was wonderful!!!!!! I still miss Stabler ALOT but it was great!!!

  • Grecianhoneybee

    Benson’s partner needs to go back to Cold Case. I don’t like his chemistry with the other actors, it’s almost like he’s trying too hard. Yes, he has big shoes to fill but he will never be Elliot Stabler!! They really need to bring him back 🙁 Overall the episode was good, I liked the intrigue and the amount of deception involved. Great job writers!!

  • Snoopy37748

    Tonight show was bad

    • Laurenclaxton

      Why did stabler leave? I didnt see that epidode….

      • U2cntvl

        I, too liked Elliot, and I would love to know why he left.  Does anyone have the answer?  If so, please let us know.  Missed the episode also, and don’t even know what happened.  Did they kill him?  Please answer these questions, so that we are not in the dark.

        • Hdelight11

          I read somewhere they couldn’t work out the money issues.

        • Josidenise

          He shot a 14 year old girl (that he previously was shown feeling sorry for her being so young, her mother was killed) who lost it and came in to the station shooting everyone in lock up. It was the last episode of season 12. He just never returned anyone’s calls and never showed back up, the assumption was that he would have had his gun and badge taken anyway as it wasn’t his first shooting.

  • I didn’t like the episode. Tried too hard to be clever and twisty.  I don’t like the new female detective. She’s boring. I’m not sure why they don’t pair Finn and Munch up again–they bring comic relief to the show.  And the show needs an ADA or a DA.  Would it be wishing too much for Jack McCoy to show up again? They were sort of vague as to what happened to him least season, although he may have been voted out of office (I believe someone referenced “the new DA”).

  • Cynkane

    I thought it was a good ep – and I look forward to watching L&O SVU again after not watching for several seasons.

  • babygirl 408

    I was just happy it was back on. I did watch all of it. I liked it. I was really hoping at the end, Stabler would walk in to see Benson. He needs to come back to SVU.

  • Marcolindo64

    who was or is John Moresco ?

  • Allycalifornia

    I thought it was great. I loved seeing the interaction between Olivia and the cute undercover detective. I don’t have to like all the characters, and I think if you give the new partner some time, he’ll grow on you. He’s certainly handsome enough. One thing I like about this show, is that people are people, warts and all. They don’t have to be perfect! The same with the blonde detective. I liked her, why not give her a chance? It sounds like everyone just wants Stabler, but there won’t be another one like him. Life goes on, and really, I don’t mind seeing a few changes. I like seeing some more vulnerability in Olivia, and some new characters to mix things up. I also thought the (temporary) replacement for Cragen was rather intriguing, and easy on the eyes! 🙂

    • Dani Bradford

      I do know all new things take time getting used to and I am willing to give the new guy a chance. It just felt weird in this episode.  I also liked Olivia’s relationship with the undercover detective. It is good to see her let her wall down in the love arena.

  • Patti

    I agree, the new season was a disappointment compared to previous years.  Been a L&O fan for many years.  Didn’t like the story line or the character development.  I agree that with the loss of Stabler it doesn’t have that special chemistry in the squad room.  Hope they can fix it. 

  • Gher_85

    So I dvr only the first half. Does anyone know where I can watch the second half? :-/

  • Segocia

    It looked like Mariska has put on weight.  She’s still beautiful, but not lean.  

    • Imurhuklberry99

      Looks like she just had a baby. Still sexy.

  • Leavitt Laurie

    You mean Benson has a partner? I have been a fan since the beginning. Captain has always had the character flaw of “NO No , well okay” …. writing 101 -character development whether protagonist, antagonist or simply for story development isn’t casually introduced during a prison visit in the yard for an inmate sentenced to solitary. The newbies are trying but chemistry is nonexistent. Remedy? Match up the newbies, find Stabler’s ghost and get him back with Benson. Now the two veterans have enough vinegar and fire to keep it real for decades!
    If the writing staff is struggling for storylines, they can simply switch chairs…ahh the power of a different point of view.

  • The show was originally based on Stabler’s character, and I was shocked that his exit was really not handled well. He shot a child who was shooting someone in a holding cell. Then he disappears and the next season all Creagon can say to Olivia is “He’s gone. Finished.” WTF. 

    My prediction is this show will not last two more seasons. The issues they used to deal with were exciting and educational, and not the plot, well, what plot?

  • Eventhorizon1299

    I miss stabler!

    • L Hartley2

      i think i must be in the minority here, but i am glad to see stabler gone. his over-the-top anger and easily-reached boiling point were just too volatile. i didn’t watch the show for a long time because of his rants. and his belief that is ok to verbally abuse suspects because he found them guilty regardless of whether they were or were not. 

      i like the blond. amaro’s anger issues are going to be a problem. it’s like they are trying to reconstruct a “stabler” personality, not realizing that that personality is totally dysfunctional.

      • Dani Bradford

        Interesting viewpoint on Stabler and not entirely untrue. However, it seems that his replacement is headed in that same direction. He was sullen, withdrawn, accusatory and probably mere steps from verbally abusing everyone around him.  

  • KathleenAnn

    I am a diehard SVU fan..the only show I dvr besides one soap opera.  We have had personal issues  this last season, and I could only watch SVU “hit and mostly miss.”  I was shocked to catch a glimpse of Stabler on a late show saying he was done and I couldn’t find much in a follow-up.  I was freaked that the series wouldn’t make it.  If it wasn’t for the dedication at the end of John Moresco, I wouldn’t have realized I was watching the 14th season pilot this morning.  It was a huge treat for me since I had been out of the loop. Some have mentioned the new partner going back to Cold Case, Did anyone think of taking the new female detective with (since she could pass for the female lead on Cold Case…… )?Maybe they will start chemistry on SVU…Olivia needs to keep up chemistry with a variety of guys– one at a time, because it just won’t happen for her and her new partner.  THEN, they could pay Elliott to come in for one show with an intoxicating sexual trist with Olivia (13 seasons of pent up emotions and desire)… then they can start trying to find an Elliott Stabler (look alike – act alike) to join the cast so he and Olivia can start up the … tension again… he doesn’t have to be her cop partner!  Olivia can hold this series together for as long as she wants with some writer creativity.  SVU writers: feel free to give me a call 🙂

  • Roni

    I was so excited that SVU picked up Paget. She was my fav on Criminal Minds and it was tough to see her go but whoever came up with the character profile she is playing needs to be fired ASAP. The daughter thing just feels wrong for a person like Paget and what was with the wardrobe. Was she just coming from Sunday School or something? The outfits were clownish. Seriously what is with the white flats they had her wearing. The last time I saw those type shoes was at church on a grandma. I’m sure they probably cost more than I make in a year but I could find better clothes in the thrift store or on Skid Row. Disappointing!!!