Grimm Adds Claire Coffee As Full Time Hexenbiest!

Grimm Island of Dreams

Happy Wednesday Grimm fans! Brace yourselves for this news – remember Adalind, the Hexenbiest that completely messed with Juliette’s memory? Well, even though Adalind flew the coop after confirming that her little spell worked, according to Deadline, Claire Coffee has been promoted to a series regular on Grimm.

Jumping into a series regular role on Grimm could be interesting fro Adalind. While I didn’t think we’d seen the last of her (Nick still needs to avenge Juliette), bumping her to a more frequent role isn’t exactly what I thought what NBC had in mind. Will Adalind take a stronger stab at Nick nowt that he was involved in her mother’s death? Will Hank have issues when he discovers that his ex sweetheart is a Hexenbiest? Will the the Chief welcome her back to the fold with open arms? I guess we’ll have to see! Grimm returns to Friday nights this week on September 28th!

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