Exclusive Interview: The Neighbors’ Ian Patrick Talks Aliens


Young actor Ian Patrick isn’t an alien, but he plays one on TV.

Patrick plays Dick Butkus, a character he described as a “really smart alien kid” on the new family-friendly show The Neighbors.  Patrick was able to tell TV Equals about his role, what viewers will be able to expect from the show and what he would do if he lived among aliens.

Check out what he had to say below and make sure to catch him in the premiere episode of The Neighbors which airs Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

Can you talk to us about “The Neighbors”?

Ian Patrick: It is about aliens who come to earth to find a new home because their home planet temperature keeps increasing. When they first get to earth they take on human form and buy every unit in an expensive and secluded New Jersey housing development. Then after waiting for ten years and not hearing anything from their home planet, one of the alien families decides to leave and go back to their home planet.

This leaves one of the units available and the human Weaver family buys it without knowing that everyone else in the housing complex is an alien. When the Weavers find out they are really scared, but decide the aliens are friendly and decide to stay. The aliens then begin learning and experiencing everyday human life and events in New Jersey.

What are some of the things we can expect from your character this season?

Ian Patrick:  As aliens, we get our nourishment through our eyes by reading and cry green goo from our ears. The Neighbors is really funny and everyone ought to tune in and watch. One of the funniest parts is where I transform from human form to alien form in front of my human friends.

What do you think is fun about the show?

Ian Patrick:  It is so different from all the other TV shows out right now, and we get to experiment with so many different things that you would never otherwise see.

How do you think you’d react if you lived around aliens?

Ian Patrick:  I think I would be really interested in what they are like and how they think and what they know.

If you could guest star on any other show, what show would it be?

Ian Patrick:  I would love to be a guest star on one of the vampire shows that are out right now. I love fantasy and my dream would be to star in a Harry Potter themed television show.