Exclusive Interview: The Middle Star Atticus Shaffer Gives Insight Into The Season 4 Premiere


Brick Heck and his family are attempting to capture the last moments of summer during the season premiere of The Middle, and TV Equals was able to speak with Atticus Shaffer about how Brick reacts to a certain bombshell Mike (Neil Flynn) unleashes on the family. Make sure to watch the season 4 premiere of The Middle Wednesday, September 26 at 8/7c.

What can you tell us about the premiere?

Atticus Shaffer:  It’s going to be an hour-long two-parter, because…everyone liked that last year, when we started our third season off like that. It’s called “Last Whiff of Summer” and Frankie and Mike want to show the kids what a true family summer is all about. So they go through a course of events trying to do a classic family summer and, since it’s The Middle, they Heck it up.

I read that part of the season premiere has something about your dad on the show saying Axl is his favorite. How does that make your character feel?

Atticus Shaffer:  Well…the kids ask the parents if they have a favorite kid, and Mike says Axl [Charlie McDermott]. Brick, at first, becomes a little shocked by it, but almost immediately after, it doesn’t bother him. He figures Mike and Axl are the sports team, in a way, so he knows that’s how it is and Brick just makes do with it.

What’s coming up for your character this season?

Atticus Shaffer:  This one I can’t give disclose too much on, but I can say that Brick gets a new quirk this year. And, it’s really cool, and I kind of figure it would be bound to happen sometime, but the quirk that he does get is much different from what you would think.

Is there anything you’ve always wanted Brick to do on the show?

Atticus Shaffer: The character Brick is actually based on one of the writer’s sons. So pretty much, she knows how to write for Brick because it’s happened to her in real life–she’s pretty much like Frankie. So, right now, I’m loving to see what he has done so far and what he’s going to do throughout the rest of the season.

How do you feel about the popularity of The Middle? It’s been on for several seasons, and it doesn’t feel like it’s died down any in popularity. 

Atticus Shaffer:  I think it’s really cool because it’s giving the entire cast and crew a good job and a consistent job. They don’t have to worry about if it’s being on for one more season and they’re done. It’s being consistent and it’s still being very popular. To be honest, I think it’s cool that as a team, we’re able to make all these people in the world laugh and [we] have something they can watch with their families.

If you were to guest star on any other television show, which one would it be?

Atticus Shaffer: It would probably have to be Modern Family just because that’s one of the other most popular shows especially on Wednesday nights and since it’s a comedy show. I really feel that’d be cool, like a Heck family/Modern Family crossover.