Fall 2012: The Mindy Project (FOX) Pilot Advance Review

The Mindy Project Chris Messina

Tonight is the much anticipated debut of THE MINDY PROJECT on FOX at 9:30 ET. The Mindy Project stars Mindy Kaling as, you guessed it, Mindy. The show was also written by her, I am sure not to your surprise. The premises involves Mindy, an OB-GYN who is great at her job, but terrible at dating. She is also obsessed with dating, at least the kind you find in romantic comedies. Naturally, this leads to more than its share of awkward moments and sexual fodder.

The cast of The Mindy Project includes Chris Messina as Danny Castellano, the self proclaimed best OB GYN in the area and the antagonist to Mindy and her romantic dreams. The show was at its finest whenever Danny and Mindy interacted. Then there is Jeremy Reed (played by Ed Weeks), the British OB GYN that Mindy cannot stay away from or stay out of his bed. One of my favorite actresses, Anna Camp, plays Gwen Grandy, Mindy’s best friend and her complete opposite. Gwen is the daughter of the governor. She married young and well and has a child. She seems to have everything put together and is always trying to find Mindy a stable, nice guy to date. She is also always telling Mindy to stay away from Jeremy.

On to the pilot! The Mindy Project started off with a bang. From the unique storytelling to the laugh out loud moment involving drunk bicycle riding, I was hooked. Unfortunately, the second half of the show just did not deliver for me. Once we moved past the initial scene, the day-to-day life of Mindy and her unrealistic and constant love obsessions was daunting. It seemed the the scattered nature of Mindy’s love life bled over into her professional life until I was tired of seeing her running to yet another medical emergency in her bare feet.

I believe that The Mindy Project is trying to be too many things at once that Mindy and the other writers just cannot make fit. It wants to be a comedy show that has the viewers laughing heartily, but it also wants to take the time to build relationships and even throw in some sexual tension. Although this worked well on FOX’s other comedy premiere, Ben and Kate, for some reason it fell flat here.

I still think The Mindy Project is capable of being a break through show this season and am willing to give it a pass for the rather shaky second half of the pilot episode. Unlike Ben and Kate though, I cannot say it is a sure thing that I will continue to tune in to see what happens or to just relax and laugh.

Tune in to The Mindy Project tonight at 9:30 ET on FOX and then come back here and tell me if you agree with what I had to say.