Supernatural Chat – It’s Almost Time For Season Eight!

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Okay guys! We’re for real in the home stretch to Supernatural season eight! I remember after the first season worrying that Supernatural wouldn’t be back in the fall – and here we are, seven seasons later and stronger than ever! Not saying that some things haven’t grated on my nerves as far as story lines (or lack of), throw away episodes, etc. But, over all, Supernatural has been a massively huge part of my life for the last eight years, and I hope for more to come.

So, let’s talk about season eight. There have been promos flying around the internet (check out our photos!) and tons of speculation from fans about what will happen to Dean and Sam in the upcoming season. I really want to focus on one thing in this edition of Supernatural chat. But first, I have to do this:


What I want to discuss is one simple fact that is clearly stated in the promos: Sam stopped looking for a way to get Dean out of Purgatory.

I’ll let that sink in with you guys for a moment.

Now, I don’t know the details behind Sam’s ended search, but I do know a few things from the Winchester’s past – they don’t give up on a fight. When Dean was in hell Sam searched for a way to get him out, trying to make deals with demons and the such. When Sam died, Dean sold his soul to get his brother back, and when Sam was locked in Lucifer’s cage, Dean didn’t stop looking for a way to get him back… even though he promised his brother that he wouldn’t.

Why the hell would Sam just STOP looking for a way to get Dean out of Purgatory? Not only that, but according to promos and other spoilers, Sam is leading a “normal” life seems actually okay with everything going on around him. So he stopped looking for a way to rescue his brother (which is bull and totally out of character) and he decided to stop hunting? Huh?

Does anyone else think this is completely out of character for Sam? Or any Winchester for that matter? Again, I don’t know the circumstances around Sam’s failed searches or what roadblocks he runs into – but this is Purgatory, not hell… and if Sam didn’t stop looking for Dean when he was in the pit, why stop when he’s stuck in a hell adjacent realm?

I’m irritated with this and season eight hasn’t even started yet! I would love to hear from you guys about your thoughts with this story line. Is there something that I’m missing with Sam’s seemingly lack of concern about his brother? And what is up with him ceasing to hunt? That makes no sense to me at all. I want to hear from you guys! Help me understand, I beg of you. I’m excited for Supernatural to return, and I will enter season eight with an open mind despite this rant. Happy Supernatural returns, my loves and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the premiere!

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