Revolution “Chained Heat” Review

Revolution (NBC) Chained Heat Episode 2

After the irritating opening titles (great visuals, horrible voiceover), Revolution‘s second episode began as it would continue for the first two-thirds of the episode: blandly. It can be summarised thusly: Miles fought one Militia guy, then he fought of a bunch of Militia guys. Also, the main foursome broke up into two groups — Charlie and Miles, and Maggie and Aaron.

It wasn’t until the the last third of the episode that anything worthwhile happened. Miles tracked down Nora, a friend of his who can apparently help with getting past thousands of Militia men to find Danny. It’s unclear how the polished and model-esque Nora can do this, but Miles and Charlie helped Nora to get hold of a sniper rifle that she wanted to sell on the black market in return for her help. It was one of the few things that really worked about this episode: the idea of killing Militia men for a gun was ridiculous (compare the gun to population ratio in the US — it was too much risk for very little reward), but getting the gun to give to a resistance adds a nice twist.

(Although I can’t help wondering why Charlie didn’t shoot the guy with the sniper rifle from a decent distance with her crossbow. She was almost on top of the Militia men before they even noticed her, and she wouldn’t have had to get as close as necessitated by that poor excuse for a gun. I’m glad they got her away from the crossbow for a while though. After Aaron’s line about not being able to hunt — “Not like she can” — she was verging on being a bit too Katniss-like again.)

Remember Grace, the woman who hid Danny last week and had a working computer? She was back again this week, just long enough for her to have been cornered and potentially attacked by a mysterious figure called ‘Randall’. He had an amulet too (and a working cattle prod because of it). How are these people linked?

There’s something worth noting here. If Ben Matheson knew that he needed to get his amulet to Grace, why didn’t he visit her? She didn’t live far from him, we know this from the pilot episode, so it’s not inconceivable that he could have travelled there sometime in the first year. This would imply that Ben was complicit in keeping the power off, but why? And why did he then give the amulet to Aaron before he died, with instruction to get it to Grace?

The final twist this week was the reveal that Rachel Matheson, Charlie and Danny’s mother, is actually alive. She’s been living in relative comfort, it seems, and she didn’t seem surprised when Monroe came to visit her. He told her that Ben’s dead and that he has Danny — the latter reveal getting a violent response out of her. His warning to her tells us something interesting:

“No more games, Rachel. You wanna see your boy again you’re gonna talk, about Ben, about the power, about everything. You understand?”

Rachel knows about the power going off? If Ben told her everything, and Monroe has her (or knew where she was all along), why did Monroe send his men to pick up Ben instead of just asking Rachel? There’s clearly massive parts of the puzzle yet to come, and I hope the result will be satisfying.

I was left with two questions about smaller details in this episode. Why not share your theories on them, dear reader?

* Why didn’t Munroe transport his helicopter on a wheeled platform on a proper road for ease? It seems unlikely that it would be attacked, given that the Militia are many and dangerous. (This could be explained by the presence of the resistance, but if so, why not send more Militia men to protect it?)

* Maggie misses her kids who were in Britain (presumably) when the lights went out. This is understandable, of course, but while mention was made of her possibly being able to get home once the power is back on, nothing was said about her going home now. It’s been fifteen years — shouldn’t there be people along the coast trying to get together seafaring ships to take people and goods between countries? It really isn’t inconceivable that she could get on a ship to Europe.

All in all, an okay episode. It’s set up plot points that should make the next few episodes very interesting indeed. Hopefully. At this point I just want them to find Danny before Miles is forced into yet another swordfight.

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