New Clip For Supernatural Season 8 Premiere – Spoiler Warning!!

Guys. It’s officially the week before the season eight premiere of Supernatural and previews, photos, and theories are flying all over the internet. The CW released a just over two minute clip from the premiere (which happens on Wednesday, October 3rd) which contains some pretty big spoilers if you’ve been avoiding the details of season eight. If you haven’t, read on and watch the video!

Dean is out of Purgatory, Cas isn’t with him, and Sam meets up with him right away. After a brief scuffle, the boys share a huge hug and Sam starts his inquisition about Dean’s whereabouts. I have to say it made me really excited for next Wednesday! One more thing. Sam, cut your hair. It is out of control.

Check out the video clip and let me know what you think!

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