NCIS Season 10 Premiere “Extreme Prejudice” Review – No One Messes With Gibbs’ Family

NCIS Season 10 Premiere Extreme Prejudice

In the NCIS 10 premiere, called “Extreme Prejudice,” we finally find out what happened to everyone when the bomb went off and see with how they deal with the effects of Dearing’s attack.

I feel like so much went on in this one that maybe the best way to talk about it is to take on each character’s story separately. First of all, they started us out with Ducky which was great. Sure, yeah, I know no one is actually going to die but I was still worried about him so it was nice to see him awake and talking. I’m also glad that he didn’t immediately go straight back to work, but took it easy as it allowed Palmer to step up and act as M.E. for the team. But even though Palmer was doing Ducky’s job, I’m glad that he did it with his own Palmer-like flair. Ducky is known for his stories and Palmer is getting known for his inappropriate jokes.

Next up was Tony and Ziva. Not a whole lot happened with them once they were out of the elevator, but I did enjoy those few scenes they had. The Tiva lovers I’m sure will see them one way and those of us on the Tony/Ziva friendship team will see them another. Either way, they were very well done and I liked that Ziva’s dad called her while they were trapped. I do wish Tony’s dad had called him though. I wonder if he did and we’re just to assume that it happened off-camera?

The next big story (at least I thought it was going to be big) was McGee. Somehow I got the impression from the various previews and interviews I’d read that he would be hurt much worse than he was. Of course I’m glad he’s safe, but I do kind of wish that there’d been just a little more drama there. Though I was intrigued by the conversation about his father; it makes me think that we may get to meet the Admiral this year.

Abby’s story is obviously going to be continued this week, so I won’t say much about it until I see how it continues, but she once again acted as the voice of the hearts of the team. That voice deep inside the big, bad agents with guns who don’t want to admit that they’re scared when their worlds fall apart and people die.

Both Vance and Fornell had small bits to play, but they both added to the story and I liked how they both were there to support Gibbs when he needed it.

Finally there was Gibbs, who I knew would be the one to see this entire story to its completion. Even before Dearing had hurt Gibbs’ family, I knew that Dearing wasn’t long for this world. But blowing up NCIS was the final straw. The way that Gibbs caught him was a bit unexpected though. That Dearing would give Gibbs clues to lead him to the house where his son was born and then try to claim that he and Gibbs were alike because they both lost their children – that was an angle I didn’t think he would use. But no matter what he said, Gibbs knows that he is nothing like Dearing and I don’t think he felt a single bit of remorse when he took the guy out. Maybe remorse for not doing it sooner before his people were hurt, but that’s probably it.

And with that, season 10 has begun. Looks like it’s going to be another great season with our favorite team.

My favorite bits….

Love the new opening sequence. They added just enough but kept just enough, too. Perfect.

Gibbs sigh of relief, Abby’s little wave and Gibb’s smile. Lovely little moments there.

Ziva squeezing Tony with her legs.

Wondering why it took Tony so long to ask if Eli could help them get out of the elevator. That would’ve been my first question. If anyone could do that from another country, it would be Eli.

Literally gasping out loud when I saw McGee standing up. I so totally thought that he was going to be more seriously..oh wait, I spoke too soon.

“Uh oh.” – Oh McGee. Gibbs touching his face nearly killed me. So freaking sweet. Gotta love a little Papa Gibbs.

“You need me.”
“They need you more.” – And here come the first tears.

Tony and Ziva arguing over who smelled more.

Abby’s grin when Tony and Ziva snapped at her for gabbering.

Fornell asking Gibbs to let him take the reins.

Did Dearing seriously just get propositioned? What in the..? Oh wait, I spoke too soon again. Nicely done, lady!

“Uh oh, I know that look.”

It’s interesting to see that the only time Abby gets angry is when she’s been the most hurt. I just want to hug her.

“If anyone can find the good, I know it’s you.” – Aw, that was so sweet of Ziva.

Tony pointing out to Gibbs that maybe he should call Dr. Ryan and tell her he was okay.

Oh come on you guys, you CAN’T fall for that.

Palmer talking to the body and then accidentally screaming at Gibbs, Vance, Fonell and the SecNav. Oopsie.

“Either of you Gibbs?”
“Maybe in my dreams.” – Bahahaha! Completely inappropriate as always. Oh Palmer.

Hm…I wonder what Gibbs is going to build this time. A bigger boat?

Gibbs pointing out that Vance didn’t need a hobby because he had kids.

Oooh…kinda digging that striped shirt on Tony.

“Watch out for each other.”

The fact that it happened silently made Gibbs killing Dearing that much more powerful.

Gibbs looking at his entire “family” while we heard the voices of Dearing and his son.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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