Lindsay Lohan And Grant Bowler Steam Things Up In Lifetime’s ‘Liz & Dick’ Teaser [Video]

Liz & Dick (Lifetime) Lindsay Lohan Grant Bowler

The long-awaited trailer for Lifetime’s original movie Liz & Dick has finally arrived. The verdict? It looks deliciously campy, just as you would expect from a Lifetime biopic based on the tumultuous love affair between film icons Elizabeth Taylor (Lindsay Lohan) and Richard Burton (Grant Bowler). The buzz surrounding the film has centered on its leading lady, Lohan, whose once promising film career has been derailed by her personal dramas in recent years. Just like the poster, the trailer plays on the similarities between Lohan and Taylor, emphasizing the more scandalous areas of their tabloid-friendly lives for dramatic effect.

The most unexpected thing about the trailer is just how delightful Bowler is as Burton (despite the dreadful things happening to his hair). “God that woman knows how to make an entrance,” he quips after Lohan (as Taylor, of course) throws a bottle at his head. It’s hard to tell how much chemistry the duo has from such a short teaser, but any romance that can be summed up with a line like, “they drink, they fight, they fornicate” has to be one worth tuning in for.

Liz & Dick will premiere November 2012 on Lifetime. Will you be watching?