How I Met Your Mother “Farhampton” Review

It has felt like such a long time since I’ve watched a new episode of How I Met Your Mother that when tonight’s season premiere started, I wanted there to be a quick recap. As “Farhampton” went along, it all started to come back to me, and with Barney’s hilariously meta, one-minute summary of the entire How I Met Your Mother story, I was returned to full HYMIM-mode.

In classic How I Met Your Mother style, the episode bounced around a couple of different timelines which included a couple of different weddings. We picked up with Barney and Robin experiencing some serious pre-wedding jitters, but that wasn’t the story we were being told tonight.

We bounced back to May of 2012, with Lily and Marshal turned into the exhausted zombie parents of Marvin, Quinn still dating Barney, Robin dating a new guy, and Ted still on his runaway bride adventure with Victoria.

The running gag of Lily and Marshall’s sleep-deprived state of confusion delivered a couple solid chuckles. I wasn’t much of a fan of the visual aquarium graphics that popped up, but I still laughed at all of their nonsensical conversations and their constant forgetfulness.

That forgetfulness sparked drama between Barney and Quinn after Quinn had asked Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids. For someone who had seemed so cool about all the stupid womanizing stuff Barney had done (and apparently occasionally still does – as we saw tonight when he seduced Victoria’s fiance’s sister over the phone) she reacted uncharacteristically uncool about Robin and Barney’s history. Maybe it was because Barney had kept it a secret for so long, but her reason had more to do with not being able to trust that Barney and Robin wouldn’t still have feelings for one another, than an honesty thing. In this case, she’s probably right to be concerned (especially considering Barney’s secret storage unit) but I didn’t expect that kind of reaction from Quinn.

As much as I loved Victoria earlier in the How I Met Your Mother timeline, I’m not all that into her and Ted’s story at the moment. Ted’s feminine handwriting and his Germanglish conversation with Victoria’s escaping fiance were my favorite bits from this story line. It seemed like Ted’s discussion with Klaus about Victoria not being his “lebenslangen schicksals schatz” or his “lifelong treasure of destiny” probably put an end to his pursuit of Victoria, but I wouldn’t be too sure. Ted has been known to beat a dead horse for a painfully long time.

Perhaps the most exciting moment of tonight’s How I Met Your Mother came when we were teased with the shapely ankles of Ted’s future wife as she walked in the rain, carrying her yellow umbrella and guitar case into the Farhampton station. Of course, her face was obscured and Ted didn’t notice her standing there at all, but I’m hoping that’s a hint that this season we’ll finally get to meet that ever elusive mother.