Face Off “Dishonorable Proportion” Review – “If you don’t do Steampunk well, Glenn is going to murder you.”

It’s down to seven contestants on Face Off this season, and tonight each of them is responsible for creating an original character based on a the soon to be released Steampunk video game “Dishonored”. Each person is to choose from four different classes from the game:

City Watch – Corrupt law enforcers
Aristocrats – High society citizens
Weepers – Once were people, but now are suffering from the plague that makes them cry blood.

The point of the spotlight challenge is to take the character of your choosing and exaggerate the features to make the person fit in with the world of “Dishonored”.

Roy, who has immunity from the foundation challenge where he created a stunning beauty make up (seriously, Roy, if you’re reading this… I’d love a custom make up for myself. *smile*) chooses to work with one of the City Watch. He creates his piece in silicone, and Glenn gives him a huge compliment by saying his mixture was the best he’d seen on the show. Roy wasn’t too sure of using the material, so it was great to see that praise coming from Glenn. Also, let’s be honest, Roy does not need immunity for any challenge. His pieces are always beautiful, work with the theme, and are extremely well done… but it was nice of him to get to play out of his comfort zone.

Sarah takes on an aristocrat, and with her oddly shaped head and almost puckered lips, the judges aren’t too happy with her creative choices. To be fair, Sarah didn’t get to add on any of the hand pieces that she’d worked on since they didn’t dry in time. While this particular piece wasn’t in the top of Sarah’s looks, I really didn’t think it was as horrible as the judges made it seem. Sure, there were flaws in the design, and compared to the top looks of the night, she didn’t have the best exaggerated features. But the overall concept was there, she just needed to take it a step further. I think Sarah has amazing potential and I’d love to see her in the top three of this season.

Tommy and Derek work on their Thugs, and Tommy runs into major issues with his arm molds. The foam doesn’t cover his fingers, and when he tries to recast the molds, there are holes in the molds, and the arms just come out looking like garbage. There are seams that are so horrible I seriously wondered how he was going to make the pieces usable. Tommy ended up duct taping the arms into his model’s costume, and the judges (Glenn especially) don’t like how his character doesn’t seem to fit in with the world of the video game.

Derek’s Thug turns out great – it looks like an old mob boss, and the attention to detail in the facial structure is wonderful. Throughout the entire challenge, Glenn stressed the importance of making sure the anatomy of each exaggerated piece was correct, and Derek really hit the nail on the head. His jaw piece was great, and while I thought his character was a little reminiscent of Hellboy, Derek is still in the top two looks.

Rod is also on top (yay, Rod!!) and the oversized head on his Aristocrat doesn’t resemble his other pieces at all. Rod is extremely proud of himself, and Vee is also really happy with him. Glenn loves the execution with the eye sockets and Neville has great things to say about the facial detail and proportions.

While they are both in the top, there can only be one winner, and Derek takes that honor on Face Off this week.

Alana and Laura are both safe with their Weepers. Laura’s creation scared he hell out of me, and really made me wish it would be a playable character in “Dishonored”. I would love to use that staff she created as a weapon.

So, who went home? It was between Sarah and Tommy, and this week Tommy exited stage right. The poor execution of his piece disappointed the judges. I’m pretty sure it was the duct tape that sent them over the edge.

Sarah is safe again this week, and I really hope she can shine in the next few challenges. I want my top four contestants to be Roy, Sarah, Laura, and Derek. However it looks like on next week’s Face Off, a contestant that was voted off can earn the right to come back… I want to hear who you think it will be! Until next week, Face Off fans!

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