Castle “After the Storm” Review

castle and beckett
Well, Castle fans, we made it through what seemed like an endless summer thanks to the cliffhanger we were handed in May. Welcome back! I’m Kristen; I’ll be taking over reviewing the show this season, and “After the Storm” was quite an episode to start out on!

First of all, how glad were we that not only did Castle and Beckett actually spend the night together (it wasn’t a dream!), but in the light of morning, neither of them tried to uncross the line they crossed? I wasn’t really worried about Castle doing that, but I had some fears about our gal Kate. She seemed like the type to have regrets. I breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t try to call a post-coital do-over.

But neither of them are ready to announce their new relationship to their family, friends and colleagues just yet, and I can’t blame them for that. I doubt they’ll be able to keep a lid on it for long, especially if Beckett keeps reaching for Castle’s little writer in the station elevator, but watching them try to be discreet will probably be entertaining for another couple of episodes.

I have to say that while I was glad that we finally (finally!) know who ordered the hit on Beckett’s mother, I was a wee bit disappointed that the whole thing wasn’t wrapped up and put away. The conspiracy did run deep, as the source of the hit is a big-shot senator who as an ADA 30 years earlier, profitted off of Montgomery’s mobster ransom thing and had Beckett’s mom killed when she stumbled on the scheme.

For awhile, it seemed like Beckett was either going to have to assasinate the senator, or continue to live her life in fear of another sniper’s bullet, but she successfully bluffed the bad guy into believing that she had hard proof of his connection to the ransom ring, even though most of got blown up along with the man who shot her. They made a deal; he will leave her alone and she will keep the info private.

Of course, we all know that Beckett won’t be satisfied with this non-justice for very long; eventually something will happen that will make her want to see the senator actually punished for her mom’s death, but for now at least, she’s trying to move on. She’s getting her job back, Ryan and Esposito are starting to forgive each other (hopefully this won’t take long…I miss their bromance), and now she has Castle, still in her station, still in her face, but now in her bed, too.

Seems like a pretty sweet consolation prize to me.

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