Alphas “The Devil Will Drag You Under” Review

Alphas "The Devil Will Drag You Under" Season 2 Episode 9 (9)

This week’s episode of Alphas, “The Devil Will Drag You Under,” got off to a somewhat scrambled start. As expected, Rosen had arranged a plea agreement for Dani so that she could spy on Rosen for their team. We jumped around between a few different scenes and timelines and rushed forward in the story to get us to a place where Dani had gone missing and an angry Cameron had run off to work with Stanton Parish to find her.

Once we were firmly in the present, the pacing was smoother and the story really began to solidify. In his mission to track down Dani, Cameron was prepared to “do whatever it takes” to find her. That included fighting his old team members and having his mind read by one of Parish’s followers, Agnes.

Although I liked Agnes as a character, I don’t really like when new character abilities are introduced without a scientific explanation of the condition affecting them. I kept hoping that we’d flash back to a scene where we could see where Dani had told Rosen about Agnes and he’d be able to explain which medical condition enables someone to touch another person and “rip open their mind” and know their thoughts – but we got no such explanation.

From the moment Bill threatened to arrest Nina for interfering with his capture of Hicks, I expected that Nina had probably pushed Cam in preparation for his mission to get Dani back. I’ve come to like the direction that Nina’s character has taken this season. I didn’t care for her much last season, or even earlier this season, but she’s taken a positive turn and I’m really enjoying her role on the Alphas team now. She’s become a much more solid member of the team and she seems to understand Rosen and his motivations more than anyone else does.

Before Cam could get to Dani, Parish had a heart to heart with her – well, as close to a heart to heart as a psychopath can get. Through their conversation, we got a much better idea of the outrageous motivation behind Parish’s actions. Parish revealed that he was simultaneously trying to speed the course of human evolution while “culling the herd” for sustainability – essentially wiping out a large chunk of the human population.

His first plan for mass murder involved the New York city power grid and a voltaic grenade which had the potential to kill millions. This made me wonder which plan Parish had told Dani about when she first joined their team. She developed a trust and affection for him that was like that of a father and daughter, so was she originally OK with the thought of killing millions of people around the world for a “greater good”? Or did they not really discuss his master plan before that point?

Nina’s brain magic was eventually broken down by Agnes, but she was so moved by Cam’s dedication to Dani that she let them escape just in time to coordinate with the Alphas team to stop Parish’s plan. Even if Dani once sided with Parish on his plan, she had since resolved to redeem herself by stopping his attack on innocent civilians.

From the moment Dani got into the back of that truck and on the phone with Parish, she was being set up to die a martyr. She bought Gary enough time to reroute the power and save New York, but she had placed a little too much trust in Stanton Parish. She seemed completely shocked that he would be willing to kill her for his plan, but maybe she didn’t really want to believe he was the sociopath that Rosen said he was.

Even if there was no hope for her survival after the blast, watching Rosen sob over Dani’s limp body while Nina tried over and over again to push her into staying alive was probably one of the most gut wrenching moments of the entire Alphas series thus far.

There was double the heartbreak as both Rosen and Cam mourned Dani’s death. Judging from the previews for the next episode of Alphas, it looks like both men are set to take the fight against Stanton Parish to a much more sinister level. That’s probably just what Parish had in mind when he said “it has begun.” I just hope that Rosen and Cam don’t spiral so far into darkness that they become villains themselves.