The LA Complex “Xs and Os” and “Don’t Say Goodbye” Review

The L.A. Complex Xs and Os; Don’t Say Goodbye Season 2 Finale

Tonight was another two episode night of The LA Complex and also the season finale. So, what happened tonight in LA? Let’s recap.

Starting with Connor and Charlotte. Connor finally has the family that he’s always wanted, and Charlotte’s family loyalty is really tested when her brother gets carted away to prison for arson and insurance fraud. Connor pleads his innocence through his interrogation, but there are a few pieces to his story that don’t jive – like why he was sucking down a beer on his front lawn while his house burned to the ground. Lucky for Connor, Charlotte makes a few calls and involves their church before bursting in and saving Connor’s ass. She confesses to burning down Connor’s house to get him off the hook, and eventually the pair is saved by their lawyer.

Both are relieved, but it doesn’t last long when a synapse misfires in Charlotte’s head and she kisses her brother. Connor freaks out and confesses to the church, all the while looking for the missing Charlotte who fled the scene of the crime when Connor pushed her away. Explaining to Connor that he would need to give up his sister for his own good, the church sends someone to collect her from the Luxe, and just like that – Connor’s family is gone.

Needless to say my heart freaking broke for him. Through the entire series of The LA Complex, Connor has just wanted to belong to a family and has gone to some really radical extremes to achieve his goal. However, it was great to see that he’d decided to move on and take a healthy step in the right direction, and I found myself grinning like an idiot when he confessed to Raquel that he used to burn himself.

Raquel and Mark hook up, but Mark ends up with the short end of that stick. While Raquel tries to stop her credit card scheme with Manny it actually ends up with her getting a larger cut for each card that she swipes. With the movie trailer ready to screen, Raquel decides that she can really use the money, but her conscience gets the better of her once she and Mark spend the night together. The fund raiser kicks off and Mark is conspicuously missing… could be because he’s being arrested for credit card fraud.

Raquel’s story arc through this second season has been one that was really intriguing. She’s gone form failing star, to washed up actress, to reality show bitch, and then circled around to actually become someone that watches out for more than just herself.

Cam and Beth’s connection grows when her results come in for the SATs. She scored a freaking 1900 and Cam takes the opportunity to show her around the USC campus – where he graduated. With Simon safely tucked away at the Luxe, Beth takes the information for school and ends up screwing around with Cam in the library… to pretty much show up his brilliant ex girlfriend who recorded their extra curricular activities on a regular basis.

Returning to the Luxe, child protective services has come to collect Simon and bring him back to their father. Needless to say Beth loses her mind and while there is no hope of her getting Simon back, even if she can prove that her father is an unfit parent, she pleads with the social worker until I was crying for her. It was heartbreaking, and while I don’t like Beth as a character, she’s one that never grew on me through all of these episodes, I couldn’t help but feel for her as she was begging to see her brother.

She was caught between a rock and a hard place and couldn’t kill her father even though she had to want to more than anything else in the world. She was absolutely right that he stopped being a father the second he abandoned them in a parking lot with $20 after the death of their mother. I’m not going to lie, I cried as she fought with her dad and tried to make him see things from her side. I can’t even imagine the pain she was going through during that conversation. I wanted to throttle that guy, and he’s a fictional character!

Beth does decide to enroll in school, but she’s enrolling in a school in the Yukon to be near Simon. Cam is heartbroken, but hides it really well as he and Beth watch the screening of the movie.

Sabrina gets offered a job on a TV show, but the issue is that it films in New Orleans. There’s an struggle between Sabrina and Nick where they don’t want to break up, but Nick can’t go with her because of his stand up opportunities, and she obviously can’t say no to the writing job. But Nick decides to go with Sabrina because he loves her, and she tells him it’s not a good idea. She also pushes him to work on his act daily – and lays it out that the best place for him to be what he wants to be is right there in LA.

I sincerely hope that she and Nick stay together – I adore the two of them as a couple. Unlike Abby and Gray who ended up in Las Vegas and got married. In the smartest move that she could make, Abby requests an annulment, but Gray convinces her to stay married during his tour. For some reason (because Abby thinks it’s true love) they end up staying together and ripping up their annulment papers.

Gray does tell her that he’s leaving for Germany, and after a tearful goodbye, Abby gets a phone call from her agent. He’s leaving the business but did get Abby one last audition. It turns out to be for a truly horrid casting agent that basically tells Abby that she’s nothing and not important. The next time we see Abby, she’s on a plane to Germany. Show of hands as to who thinks that Gray is playing her and isn’t actually in Germany? Or the Airforce for that matter?

The most shocking part of The LA Complex revolved around King’s story. As a character, King has come the farthest since the start. He’s grown from someone that was terrified and working on his image to a man that stands up and becomes the person that he was meant to.

While King’s father has another stroke, it’s a revelation to King that he never actually knew the real person that his son was. While he wanted to tell him, the time never came, and instead of coming clean with his father, King has to worry about Infamous and the hard drive from the recording studio. Remember that thing? The one that showed Tariq and King together? Rook stole it and when he and Infamous had it out, Infamous stole it right from Rook.

He demands 5 Million from King in exchange for silence and the hard drive. Rook wants to “take care” of Infamous, but King just wants to pay up. They get the hard drive back, and while King is talking to Rook about that good news – a nurse comes and delivers the huge blow of a second stroke that his father experienced.

It’s worse than even I thought. King’s dad is brain dead and after a really freaking depressing bedside talk, King turns off the machines keeping his father alive and literally falls into Christopher’s arms. They go back to Christopher’s apartment where King picks up a legal pad and writes a letter to his dad – one that confesses exactly who he is in the most beautiful way that he could.

The letter was profound, heartfelt, and completely truthful, and when King published it on his blog and the page views sky rocketed it was a pivotal moment in his life. One that i can’t wait to see the results of next season.

To wrap up this crazy long review – what about that ending?! I don’t want to say anything for fear of spoilers, but holy crap, I did not see that one coming. The next season of The LA Complex can’t come quickly enough!

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