Bones “The Partners in the Divorce” Review – A Few Bumps In The Road

Bones The Partners in the Divorce Season 8 Episode 2

In tonight’s episode of Bones, called “The Partners in the Divorce,” Booth and Brennan discover that it takes work to get back to where they once were as a couple.

After the drama of last week, I was looking forward to having everyone back where they belonged. Brennan brought baby Christine home, she and Booth were back in their house, everyone on the team was working on a case together – all was as it should be. Or was it?

Booth and Brennan quickly discover that becoming a family again isn’t as simple as being under the same roof. As tough as it was to watch them fight and bicker, it was also very realistic. I can’t imagine a couple going through what they’ve been through in the past six months and coming out of it without a few emotional scars. Booth and Brennan’s scars show up in the form of not knowing how to be together or communicate after being separated for so long.

Booth wants things to be just the way they were before Brennan left, while she is trying to allow someone else to take care of her after having to do it herself for a while. In the end, they each give a little and Brennan even goes so far as to do something (gasp!) irrational to meet somewhere in the middle. I have a feeling next week’s episode will show them truly back where they belong, now that they’ve gotten past a few bumps in the road on their way to happiness.

My favorite bits..

“That’s not chicken.”

Finding out that Brennan worked as a fry cook while she was on the run.

“Don’t step in the brain, Booth.”

Oh dear, Booth and Brennan aren’t getting along too well, are they?

I’m with Finn, burned up bodies churn up my guts pretty good, too.

“I’m basically a bones kinda fella, and this is more like a barbeque.”

I know this may sound wrong, but I’m so happy they decided to give Sweets a gun.

“Say ‘gently’ again and I burn you.” – Don’t mess with Angela.

“Slick as a frog fart.” – That is officially my new saying.

Stabbed in the neck with a fountain pen; assassinated by the Pope. Same diff.

Angela offering to be on the other end of the phone if Brennan ever woke up screaming and needed someone to talk to. That’s true friendship right there.

I’m sorry, did Hodgins just say “rootin’ tootin'”? Oh my.

Booth wiping off his coffee cup with his tie.

“Okay, I’m glad you had this little talk with yourself.”

“Dr. Hodgins, this is not Top Chef.”

Yes! First ‘King of the Lab’ declaration of the season. Woot!

“Congratulations Mr. Abernathy, you have successfully recreated the death of Wile E. Coyote.”

Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brennan yell at Booth like that before.

Booth clarifying that he wasn’t just an FBI agent, but an angry FBI agent.

Finn pointing out that when his parents acting the way Booth and Brennan had, all hell was about to break loose. Uh oh.

The couple turning on each other faster than Booth could say “you’re under arrest.”

Brennan telling Booth that she was willing to do irrational things to prove her love. Aw.

The memorial to Michael Clarke Duncan. Very classy.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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