TV Movie: Last Hours in Suburbia (Lifetime) With Kelcie Stranahan & Maiara Walsh

Last Hours in Suburbia (Lifetime)

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming TV movie Last Hours in Suburbia which premieres Saturday September 22 at 8/7c on Lifetime and the movie stars Kelcie Stranahan, Maiara Walsh & Grant Harvey.

Last Hours in Suburbia Synopsis: 17-year-old Grace Flynn can’t remember anything about the night her best friend Jenny died in a car accident – just that, the next day, everyone blamed her. Now, on the day before she is supposed to go to jail for two years for killing her friend, Grace is determined to jog her memory.

Tagging along for the journey is Jenny… or Grace’s memory of her; together, the two girls retrace their steps from that night, and Grace’s memories begin to come back (with the occasional correction from Jenny): the boys they met, the party they went to, the fight they had… all leading to a surprising – and deadly – conclusion.

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  • Cintia_ramos

    I love this movie
    I would love the songs to this movie


    I want the name of a few songs I heard while watching Last Hours in Suburbia. Can anyone help?

    One has verse “whether you get up.”. And other has “iv been a bad bad girl”.

    • Desiree Rivers

      Whether you get up is “Whether You Fall”, Tracy Bonham on ITunes



    • Sweet_angel_sunny

      I want that “I did a bad bad thing last night” song!!!! Loved it. Who sings it? And what is it called?

    • Soloman600

      The Whether u get up is by Tracy Bonham awesome song!

  • dddblue

    it’s called “bad bad thing” by kathleen regan. It’s not available yet because it’s not her original song. Check out “last hours in suburbia” on facebook.. thats how i found the song info

    • Sweet_angel_sunny

      Awesome thanks!!!’

  • Arases1108

    When does this show again

  • Cuteebtrudee

    please what is the song playing in the beggininning?