Haven “301” Review

Fall 2012: Haven "301" Season 3 Premiere (2)

Haven has a knack for starting off each new season with a short, but incredibly comprehensive recap. Before watching “301” I had planned to go back and rewatch all the crazy stuff that happened last season, but I didn’t have time, so I was a little worried that I would have forgotten some of the minor details that would be important going into this season.

My worries were unfounded, because that recap was a perfect refresher and I was ready to jump in right where we left off last season: Audrey was missing, while Duke and the newly tattooed Nathan got into a bad brawl that seemed to end with a gunshot.

It turns out that gunshot wasn’t as much of a brawl-ending finale as we were led to believe. It was actually a mid-fight misfire, and after some Trouble induced magnetic interference, Duke was able to talk a little bit of logic into Nathan’s belligerent head before either one of them got seriously hurt.

The interrupting magnetic wave came courtesy of a Troubled man named Wesley, who, like his grandfather, was obsessed with alien conspiracy. Just before Wesley’s Trouble leveled all of Haven with a massive alien strike, Nathan and Audrey were able to convince him that his grandfather dealt with a similar situation and saved the town by beaming up into the “alien ship.”

That resolution to Wesley’s Trouble led to a lesser-of-two-evils argument between Duke and Nathan, but we couldn’t get too into it because this time, the Trouble-of-the-week took a serious back seat to the greater Haven story arc. With so much happening to Audrey, Wesley’s Trouble and Haven‘s near destruction seemed kind of minor.

Audrey endured a significant amount of abuse and pain while she was captive in the basement of the inn. Her abductor asked her “where’s the Colorado Kid?” and when she repeated the information she had learned about the Colorado Kid’s death, he angrily responded “you think you’re the only one who loved the Colorado Kid?”

Of course, Audrey couldn’t provide more information than she had been given, so there was no way she could give her abductor the answers he was looking for. Things got even stranger when Wesley’s mother, Rosalyn, started to speak to Audrey from the other side of the wall. Like Audrey, we were made to believe that she had been abducted and was being held prisoner for information related to the Colorado Kid.

After Audrey escaped (which, by the way, can I just say how much I appreciate that Audrey immediately armed herself after escaping and then made a call for help instead of trying to hunt down the bad guy on her own? I can’t tell you how many movies and TV shows I’ve watched where I’ve screamed at the TV, “CALL THE POLICE!!!” but they never do. Thank you Audrey!) and they discovered Rosalyn’s remains, Audrey received forensic analysis which indicated that Rosalyn’s body had been burning for at least four hours before she had been found. The timing made it impossible for Rosalyn to have been talking to Audrey.

From my point of view, Rosalyn’s abduction didn’t quite add up from the beginning. Rosalyn didn’t make any noises during her imprisonment and she made no screams for help – all she really wanted to do was talk to Audrey.

So who killed Rosalyn? I suspect she died as a result of her son’s Trouble, but would that mean that Audrey’s abductor was somehow capable of imitating Rosalyn’s voice to get information out of her?

Although Dwight approached Vince to find out if he thought Dave might have been responsible for Audrey’s abduction, the build and voice of her abductor didn’t match Dave’s profile. I’m quite curious to find out why Dwight thought Dave might be involved to that extent and why Vince didn’t immediately put it outside of the realm of possibility. How dark is Dave’s past and what is he really capable of? Still, Dave became even less suspicious when he and Vince agreed to put their differences aside to find out who Audrey’s abductor was and “how he knows so damn much.”

Dave and Vince tried their best to answer Audrey’s questions about the Colorado Kid, but even they were shocked to find an empty coffin in lot 301. What might have been even more shocking was Audrey seeing her own handwriting at the bottom of that empty coffin which read “find him before The Hunter.” Whoever Audrey was in the past, she left terribly ambiguous notes for her future self to figure out.

Even though this season premiere of Haven was loaded with a million more questions and virtually zero answers, they’re the kind of questions that really get you excited about the rest of the season. Added to the list of questions we already had about the Colorado Kid, the Troubles, and a man with a tattoo, we now want to know if the Colorado Kid might still be alive. How did he escape the coffin alive and what did Audrey have to do with it? Could Audrey’s abductor have been a family member of the Colorado Kid? Was Audrey’s abductor “The Hunter” that had been written on the coffin in her own handwriting? I have no idea, but I know I can’t wait to find out.