Haven Season 3 Review: Cavemen & Aliens? [Spoiler Free]

Haven - Season 3 Premiere

Syfy’s little show that continues to grow and get better, Haven, returns for its third season tonight and yours truly got a chance to screen the first two episode from the new season.

So what kind of troubles can we expect this season on Haven? Tons. So let’s talk about it.

Where’s Audrey?

Last season ended with Audrey getting kidnapped and Nathan going to Duke for answers on her disappearance. Well, it doesn’t take us long to find out what happened.

The premiere episode of the season “301” opens seconds after the finale as we witness the outcome of Nathan and Duke’s fight. We of course also find out more about Audrey’s disappearance, however like any great episode of Haven, it will lead to many more questions.

And in case you’re worried, I think it’s safe to say that there wouldn’t be a Haven without Audrey Parker.

The Colorado Kid

Based on the first two episodes, it seems that The Colorado Kid will come into play way more than it did in previous seasons. I cannot go into details, but let’s just say that the first episode gives us a big reveal in that department.

Revelations… More Questions

Speaking of revelations, what I am loving so far about this season is that within two episodes we are given so much new information about some of the mysteries of the town and Audrey that it feels we’re continually moving forward instead of in a circle.

Even though the series also gives us some new questions to ponder, I am so excited about what was revealed that I can’t wait to read up on people’s theories for this season. And here’s a quick tease, the element of time will come into play in a big way by the end of episode two “Stay,” which I think will inform this season and Audrey herself.

Aliens? Cavemen?

Haven wouldn’t be Haven if it wasn’t for the troubles, but are aliens and cavemen coming to town this season? If you’ve watched the trailer for the new season, you’ll see hints of an alien invasion, but what’s really going on? Well I can’t really tell you, but what I can say is that the reason behind aliens (in episode one) and “cavemen” (in episode two) is much more interesting and exciting than what you can imagine.

Anything can happen in Haven and that’s why every case always leaves us guessing. Nothing’s ever what it seems and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us this season.

Audrey, Nathan and Duke

A big reason behind Haven‘s success and the fans love is the relationship between Audrey, Nathan and Duke. I am happy to say it will continue to evolve this season and for Nathan and Audrey fans, you’ll get quite a few sweet moments between the two in the first couple episodes.

However, I should mention that there might be some trouble coming between the two of them. When we caught up with the cast at Comic-Con they had quite a few things to tell us about that (you can watch the interviews here).

New Faces

There are also some new faces coming to Haven this season. In addition to Dwight (Adam Copeland) being back (yay!), we meet Dr. Claire Callahan (Bree Williamson) in episode two, who is the town’s psychiatrist and coming to help Audrey deal with some of her issues.

While it pains me to say this, I am not onboard with that new character at all. So far, I just don’t feel she adds anything to the show, she goes along with Nathan and Audrey on a case and she just ends up being like a second Audrey Parker adding nothing to their investigation other than what Audrey would have usually done. The thing is I don’t want another Audrey, I like the one we have already, so unless they find a different purpose for Claire (fingers crossed), I really hope she doesn’t stick around for long.

As for the other new faces coming to town this season, they didn’t make an appearance yet, so I can’t say much about them, however I am definitely looking forward to meeting them. I’m especially excited to see guest star Claudia Black (Farscape, Stargate SG1), she’s awesome!

And that’s about it for now on Haven‘s new third season. However, if you want to find out even more on this new season, you should check out our latest interview with the cast and The TV Watchtower coverage of the show, she has some great interviews and more.

Haven season 3 premieres tonight, September 21st, at 10pm on Syfy.

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