Haven Season 3 Interview: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour And Executive Producer Lloyd Segan Talk Haven Season 3

Haven Season 3

Season Three of Haven finds Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos and Duke Crocker learning more about themselves while facing the townspeople’s “troubles” as well as the growing influence of The Guard. TV Equals learned more about this season from Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour and executive producer Lloyd Segan during a conference call.

What to expect this season

The stars talked about how their characters are changing this season. Overall, everyone is in for some big surprises.

“I think Audrey, the first season she just kind of is curious when she finds a connection with the place of Haven, that there’s something there about herself,” said Rose. “And then by Season Three, she’s facing some really, really dark, dark, dark, questions regarding who she is and there’s a – sort of a clock in play. So, it’s really, really hard and I think she’s in a really, really hard place all season. It’s not a fun place for her to be in mentally.”

“[F]or Duke this season, Duke is going to have really decide who he wants to be in this world and he’s going to get pushed to limit and has to make some really tough choices about who he wants to be in this town and in this world and to these two people in life,” said Balfour.

“And for Nathan, I learned that Nathan has a lot more ability to find his private parts and strap them on then he might’ve necessarily known,” said Bryant. ” That’s maybe a crude way to say it but, it’s the truth.”

For all three of the characters, some big decisions are going to have to be made. “I think this season is going to have the most enormous consequences on all three of these characters,” said Balfour. “You know, as people watch this season, they’re going to see things happen to these characters and between these characters that they never imagined.”

Punches galore 

The season premiere gets off to an exciting start with Nathan, Audrey and Duke throwing and receiving several punches.

“We had a big fight scene in the first episode and that was a lot of fun to get to do,” said Bryant. “We weren’t sure if it would be us or stunt doubles initially and it ended up that we got to do most of it and it was a lot of fun. There were a couple minor injuries but nothing terribly serious.”

Balfour joked, “My favorite part about the fight scenes is just that I get to roll around very closely next to Lucas Bryant. Yes, that’s kind of the best part for me. Any excuse I can to be squeezing, holding, grabbing, touching Lucas is great.” Bryant replied, “It’s mutual.”

Duke and Nathan get closer

Nathan and Duke have had a contentious relationship in the past, but this season, Nathan and Duke’s relationship slowly gets more complicated.

“Nathan is now in a place where – in the second season we saw him sort of uncomfortably thrust into the position of police chief. And in the third season he’s kind of manned up a bit and he’s accepted his position and taken more initiative. And my relationship with Duke this season takes a number of turns, doesn’t it?” Bryant said.  “I guess…we fall in love and then we break up again. But, you know…I guess [Haven] shows many sort of love stories and Nathan and Duke are sort of arch enemies in many ways. But, what really is under that is a great affection for each other and I think both of them really care about each other and rely on each other. So when they get to occasionally team up, we have a blast doing that and we get an opportunity to do more of that in season three and I think they work better together than against each other.”

Balfour added, “I like to think of Nathan and my character’s relationship as sort of like When Harry Met Sally. And I think now we’re sort of in the second act of When Harry Met Sally when I think they’ve probably slept together at this point but it was a little awkward and they’re going to have to now realize how much they actually mean to each other.”

The need for the triangle

The friendship between the main characters is essential to the show’s chemistry, but, according to Balfour, the writers might have figured out a way to give fans what they want in terms of romance between Nathan and Audrey.

“[Y]ou know, something that’s really special about Nathan and Audrey is their relationship as friends. So it’s a tricky situation to explore anything beyond that,” he said. “I think the writers have done a great job of always sort of teasing with those possibilities but maintaining that mutual friend respect underneath it all. And this year, I think they found very interesting ways to maybe satisfy some fan urges without…messing up the character’s basic relationship.”

Rose added, “I mean the triangle must exist. So, all of the things that come and go with making that interesting occur. And I think that  Audrey… has a large sort of mission that gets put in front of her and that affects the way she sees and views her relationships and how she’s going to handle them.”

Online presence

Twitter has been a big part of Haven, and this season is no different. In fact, with online videos, the Twitter hashtag #EscapeTheHaven and other online storylines, the show aims to create an even more immersive experience for fans.

“I think the coolest thing about what we’re trying to do with the  Twitter stories and [online presence] is really to enhance the experience of the show for everybody,” said Balfour. “It’s not necessarily… something that nobody else is doing at this point. But we’re really trying to, I think, do it in the unique way that makes it exciting for the viewers and makes it exciting for the fans to feel like they get a little bit extra…And then hopefully, also enhance the experience of watching the episodes.”

Segan said there will be more online integration this season. “This year we’re going way beyond that and integrating these opportunities for our audience to interact and [we’re] sharing with them gems that are going to be happening over the season. [We’re] also helping people who have never seen the show before and getting them excited about possibly joining our community,” he said. “So, it’s bringing people up-to-date with what has been happening in the past and getting our committed audience, like yourself, excited about the season to come.”

Watch the season premiere of Haven Friday, September 21 at 10/9c on SyFy.