Awkward “The Other Shoe” Review

Awkward (MTV) Homewrecker Hamilton Season 2 Episode 9
Well, it looks like we all get to be winners. In “The Other Shoe,” the season finale of Awkward, we found out that Jenna decided to date Matty over Jake. But don’t shake your pom-pons too hard, Team Matty. Jenna ended the season already rethinking her choice. There’s still hope, Team Jake.

Of course, things are a lot more complicated now, but more on that later. At first, everything seemed just fine. Jenna had what she wanted from the minute she let Matty swipe her V-card. Another summer of camp was coming up, a chance for them to get even closer and have a lot of closet sex. Everything was perfect.

But then the possibility of a school-organized trip to Europe presented itself and suddenly Jenna found herself torn between wanting the adventure of an amazing vacation and wanting to be with Matty in the formative days of their new relationship. Unsure of what to do, Jenna asked Lacey for advice, figuring that her mother would be the biggest advocate of her sticking by her man for the summer. To everyone’s surprise, though, Lacey encouraged her daughter to go on the European adventure, not wanting her to miss out anything just for a man. Wow, she’s come a long away.

Of course, Jenna wanted to have her French petit fours and eat them, too, so she threw a big party with a travel theme to try to convince Matty to ditch camp in favor of Europe. It didn’t exactly work, though, and Jenna ended up giving her place on the trip to Tamara.

And in a surprise twist that I didn’t see coming, Jake and Tamara got very, very friendly at the party…and Jenna was actually mostly cool about it. Or at least she pretended to be cool about it. She wasn’t smiling so much when Jake and Tamara were dancing, like she wanted to, but she was sitting on the sidelines because Matty isn’t much of a dancer.

As Jenna said, she picked the guy she wanted all along, but is he really the right guy for her? Well, she can’t just go back to Jake now; it would seriously hurt Tamara. But if she stays with Matty, I fear it’s going the grass on the other side is going to get greener and greener. But I have to think this would have happened if she’d picked Jake, too. Matty would have seemed shiny in comparison. Oh, Jenna.

At least we found who Jenna’s mystery blog friend was: a very minor character I didn’t even remember until this episode. Last year’s reveal was much better. I think it’s safe to say the show had maybe a touch of the sophomore slump, but that happens to a lot of shows that get a lot of hype in their first season. It’s hard to live up to that. The good news is that they’re getting a third season. Will you be tuning in next summer or are you tired of waving those pom-pons?

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