Season Finale 2012: Royal Pains “Sand Legs” Review – We Almost Had it All

Royal Pains Sand Legs Season 4 Episode 14

In the Royal Pains season 4 summer finale, called “Sand Legs,” Hank tries to take things to the next level in his relationship with Harper, Paige grows closer to Lou and Divya discovers that Rafa’s been hiding something from her.

During the past few episodes of this season, we’ve seen a lot of situations in various characters’ lives that began rough but were finally coming to satisfying conclusions. Paige, who had been so upset to find out that she was adopted and that her parents had lied to her, had supposedly found her birth mom. In addition, Paige and Evan’s relationship was growing stronger than ever and, despite some bumps, they were still on their way to walking down the aisle together. Divya, after being nearly forced to go through with an arranged marriage, had finally found love. And Hank, who hadn’t had too much luck in the romance department since his engagement was called off and Jill had left town, was finally with someone he was ready to commit to.

All of that stuff was great, until all of it got taken away. It’s amazing how fast everyone’s life can be thrust into turmoil. Paige finds out that the woman she thinks could be her mother, and with whom she’s found a real connection, isn’t her mother at all. Divya discovers that the man she’s falling in love with, the man who she thinks loves her too, has been lying to her and hiding the fact that he has a child with another woman. Wow, talk about some bad luck.

Then there was Hank and Harper. After a few fits and starts, these two were really growing close but then Hank got cold feet and used the excuse of a patient to keep from visiting her parents. Now first of all, I don’t necessarily think that Harper should have taken it quite as hard as she did. How long have they been going out? A few weeks, maybe? I think he’s allowed to have cold feet and I hardly think that meant that he was ready to break things off. Just give him a little more time and I’m sure he’ll get there.

Perhaps the roughest ending though was for Hank and Boris. Hank running to save Boris, despite all of the bodyguards trying to stop him, was very brave. But when that explosion went off and threw him down, I got very worried. Normally on this show, I would doubt Hank would be injured but that was one heck of a crack we heard when his head hit the ground and I have to think they put that in there on purpose.

So it’s possible now that Hank and Boris are both seriously hurt, and everyone else is emotionally hurt. What does that mean for the rest of this season? Well this is Royal Pains so I doubt everyone will be injured (emotionally or physically) for too long, but I do have to wonder how they’re all going to get back to their happy places.

My favorite bits..

“What were you guys talking about over here? Besides sex on the beach?”

Band aid business cards? That’s kinda awesome….and a little weird.

“Art has no age limit.”

Jeremiah’s description of how beautiful the super model was. Leave it to him to put it completely in medical terminology. Then again, “she’s totally hot” just wouldn’t sound right coming from him.

Divya calling Jill for some best friend advice. Dang, and now I’m missing Jill again.

Divya forced to reveal that she had snuck onto the set. Haha!

Rafa has a son? Uh oh…

Hank checking Evan for a fever when he didn’t go after the “whale.”

“We’re not going to be alone…..we’ll have each other.”

The look on poor Jeremiah’s face when Hank said he was happy for Divya. Aw, I just want to give him a hug.

“Maybe you’ll find your sand legs by believing they’re already there.”

“Hey babe.”
“Hey. And don’t call me that.”

Jeremiah coming out of the kitchen with wine and water for Divya. Seriously, can he get any sweeter?

Paige and Evan deciding to get married now, rather than later.

Hank trying to run into a burning building to find Boris. Curious that his bodyguards were just standing around.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Anonymous

    Where have you been?  So glad you posted about the season finale of Royal Pains – you seem to have stopped being on this site.  🙁  I see that you have some columns on another page but now reviews?

    Anyway, Royal Pains.  I wonder what they are going to do to Hank? Some kind of memory loss/concussion?  Will only be able to practice if he is overseen by another physician?  I read some where that at Christmas there is a Royal Pains movie special where Paige and Evan get married (Yay!!!, big fan of that) but that Hank is obviously there so presumably he doesn’t die.

    Do you think the fact that Divya keeps phoning Jill means that she might be coming back or is the actress in something else?  I do like Harper and like you think she was way to quick to end the relationship.

    Divya and Rafi – hmmm…. not sure how I feel about that.  I did like Divya being happy and really as sweet as Jeremiah is I’m not sure he belongs with Divya. 

    Anyway, thanks for reviewing and hope to read more from you soon.

    • Anonymous

      Hey there!

      Sorry I was MIA for a while. I actually moved, not just once, but twice in the past month. I had very little notice of the first move so I had to find a temporary place and then move from there to the permanent place about a few weeks. I had no TV in the temp place and spotty internet off and on so I had to stop doing reviews for a bit. But now I’m settled and, much more importantly, have TV again. So I’m back, baby! Woot! So sweet to be missed though.  :o)

      Anyway, back to RP. Yes, I’m excited for the Christmas episode, too. Usually USA shows don’t do holiday stuff, so that will be fun to see. I’m sure Hank will be there but I do wonder what, if any, after-effects will happen from the explosion. 

      I did wonder the same thing about Jill, but I haven’t heard anything about her coming back. If they’re not going to bring her back, then the least they could do is write a new friend for Divya. LOL. 

  • ptjackson

    So, enjoyed this episode- just got to watch it today.  I totally agree with you that it was weird that Boris’ bodyguards were all standing around. Shouldn’t at least one of them have been responsible, for oh, I don’t know, maybe guarding his body????

    As for Jeremiah, the man continues to amaze, and despite the fact he was not in the episode that much, his parts were the best, IMHO… yeah, I’m smitten – can’t resist the geeks. I want to give him a hug too….

    I’m not sure what to think about Divya. Did Rafa ever intimate that he was being exclusive with her? Did she not know he was an international playboy? Just not sure how she could miss that part.

    Hank, oh Hank….. I like Harper, but she seemed to be right, that she should not date doctors. 8-(

    Evan and Page seem to be the one constant in this, and thank goodness for that. They had better not mess with them….. I’m just saying!

    BTW, what has become of our other HankMed doctor, the part time one, who works at the hospital too??

    • Anonymous

      So with you on Jeremiah. I am also a smitten kitten when it comes to him. Though I do also wonder what happened to VanDyke. I had hoped that he would be back for good when we saw his “bunny” episode but then he disappeared again. I actually kind of like him too so I hope he comes back at some point. 

  • Lisa

    Clearly the body guards were in on the “murder” plot with Boris. Or they are faking his death. I’m sure Hank will be fine by next season. Man, I’m sorry to see Rafa go. What’s the big deal? So he has a kid with an ex. A man that looks like that gets a pass or two (or a hundred.) It was a long time ago. They’ve only been dating a few weeks. He’s supposed to tell her everything? I love looking at Rafa, but I am secretly rooting for Jeremiah.

    Sad that Lu isn’t Paige’s mother. They were cute together. I don’t like Hank’s new woman as much as I like Jill. I think they should bring Jill back. Love beach volleyball and glad they used real players for the action scenes. Wish they could’ve picked a more athletic looking actress to play the main role. It takes actual muscles to play that sport! Glad that some of the real athletes got to speak. Not a bad acting job by Tanya White, playing the role of the player with Sickle Cell.

    Glad the show has been renewed for two more seasons!

  • Finally! You’re back!
    To be honest, I find your articles about the show MORE interesting than the show itself!
    Uhhh, I don’t really have much to say about the second half of season 4, other than the fact that it was dreadfully boring. I actually miss Jill myself.
    About the Hank injury thing – after I saw the preview for the wedding it seems everything’s all fine and dandy again. This is just like the firework incident with Evan…
    I still look forward to the wedding 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, thanks! That’s an awesome compliment. :o)