Fringe Observer PSA 3: The Dark Observation

Fringe Observer

After laying down the law regarding brain scans and traveling, the Observers are back to discuss your residency restrictions. They are nice enough to let you go around as you please during daylight hours, but you better be back at your place at 7 PM, or you are going to get a scan at minimum. Also, the close-up the Observer recieves at the end is a little different from previous videos. It seems as though the Observer videos are increasing in intensity.

Also increasing in intensity are the secret messages that are coming through from the resistance. If you look carefully, you may even see the ID card of our new favorite Fringe agent. In addition to the appearance of Etta’s card, there are more questions that this video arises. How big is a quadrant? If you can’t be out past 7:00, what’s with all the people hanging in the nightclub in “Letters of Transit?” What are we going to find in a no-go zone?

I assume that all these questions will be answered when Fringe finally premieres September 28th at 9 PM on Fox.