Sons of Anarchy “Authority Vested” Review

‘Authority Vested’ was one of the stranger episodes of Sons of Anarchy to date. For all intents and purposes, it felt like a season finale, albeit quite a sedate one. And the scene a lot of fans have been waiting for (though, admittedly, I’m not including myself among that number) came and went, barely making a mark.

This episode followed on almost immediately from last week’s ‘Sovereign’, with the SAMCRO boys barely having time to get settled into the brothel before picking up Tig. This lead to them going to track down Fawn, Tig’s other daughter, and arrange for her to get out of town for a while, just in case Pope comes looking for her. I’m going to assume that we’ll be seeing Fawn again soon, because otherwise this was a waste of screen time. The Sons found Fawn, spoke to her, and then let her go with her boyfriend. That was that.

Later it was decided that the best way to proceed, what with warrants over their heads for the murders of Pope’s daughter and Laroy, was for the wanted Sons to give themselves up to the police. But before they could do this, they needed to ensure they would have protection on the inside. Jax met with Romeo Parada and told him that in order for their current situation to be maintained, Jax and the boys needed to be guaranteed protection in jail. Romeo said he’d see what he could do, but admitted to his right hand man, Luis, that he’ll let Jax die if need be. Since Jax is counting on Romeo to keep him and the Sons safe, this is more than a little worrisome.

Unser is relatively alright after being attacked during the home invasion on Gemma’s place. The house itself was trashed and Clay’s safe full of cash and legal documents is missing, but otherwise nothing was taken. Unser goes to see Sheriff Roosevelt, who’s convinced the home invasions are black retaliation, and tells him that he thinks that whites are behind them, and that he’ll be looking into the situation too. In what was my favourite part of the episode, Unser told Roosevelt that while he got close to the Sons, he was never a dirty cop. Is this perhaps foreshadowing Roosevelt having to side with the Sons later this season?

Before the Sons allowed themselves to be picked up by the police, Jax made an important decision. He asked Tara to marry him, that very day, before he goes back to jail. It was incredibly sweet and yeah, maybe it was the right time, but while having the ceremony in the brothel was forgivable (just about), the way it played out just wasn’t good. The judge was harried and dismissive, and it seemed odd that such an important moment in these characters lives only lasted for two minutes (or 3/4 of an episode, if you include the lead up to it).

Though I can’t say I loved this episode, it did have its moments. The car chase was absolutely hilarious, and I adored the scene between Nero and his son. But my favourite moment, hands down, was Opie attacking Roosevelt in order to get himself locked up with the other Sons. There’s definitely something to be said for loyalty to the club, even if it involves acting like a complete nutcase.

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