Parenthood “Left Field” Review

I will never listen to the song “Funkytown” the same again thanks to this week’s episode of Parenthood. The moment was made much more awkward by Crosby strumming the tune on his guitar as his Amber sang the lyrics.

It’s so great to see Jasmine and Crosby happy. Although they didn’t see eye-to-eye on the scheduling issue, their disagreements are much healthier now than previous seasons.

Kristina and Adam are trying to adjust to life without Haddie. Adam is filling his spare time with work, sending text messages about picking up toner to a newlywed. Christina sought to fill the void with a dog that resembled either her daughter or her mother-in-law. Did you think the dog Kristina was gushing over looked like Haddie?

Thanks to Max, I learned more about golden retrievers than I’d ever known or desired to know. Unfortunately, the whimsical dog created a great deal of unwanted tension as the two were approaching Funky Town. How cute was it when Nora took over spoon and decided to share her dinner with her mom? For fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may have recognized the actress that plays Mac’s mom as one of the dog breeders. I was nice to see her in a role where she does more than grunt.

Julia and Joel continued to struggle with helping Victor get adjusted to his new family. I hope Victor turns it around soon. After the shady “tummy ache” antics on the first day of school, I look forward to watching Joel and Julia dish out some tough love. The episode where they taught Sydney not to be a sore loser is one of my favorites in the entire series.

Admittedly, my heart absolutely melted when Victor looked for Julia during recess and saw that she kept her promise to stay there for him all day. Hopefully, this will mark a turning point but I suspect it won’t be long before Sydney demands some special attention too.

Poor Drew. The start of your senior year of high school is supposed to be an exciting time. I can only imagine how much angst we will see from him over the next few episodes as he deals with being dumped by his first love for a summer fling. Why not break up with him before you take advantage of the bus-free ride to school? I never liked that Amy, so good riddens.

I liked Hank’s talk with Drew. It may have even taken the edge off of what was sure to be some really painful angst to watch. It’s only a matter of time before Mark is toast!

With so many warm and fuzzy high notes in the episode, it was a completely unexpected blow to find out that Kristina had breast cancer right at the end. What did you think of this week’s Parenthood? Sound off below!