New Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 3; Plus Behind The Scenes With The Cast!

The Walking Dead Season 3 (2)

Yesterday I showed you two new posters from season three of The Walking Dead. Today, I’m pleased to bring you not one, but two new videos from the hit horror series on AMC! The Walking Dead returns to our screens on October 14th, and from the looks of it, season three is going to be insane! Not only is the tag line pretty terrifying (“Fight the dead. Fear the living.”), but all of the teasers that the network have released is beyond awesome looking.

The new trailer is full of zombie action, but also manages to hit on the “Fear the living” portion that I’m most intrigued about. Rick and the gang fight their way into the prison that we saw at the end of season 2, and from the looks of it, they might have a better chance against the walkers than the survivors that are living within the gates.

Check out the trailer below, and then take a look at the video of cast reactions to season 3! Beware, the videos are somewhat spoiler filled… you’ve been warned!

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