Meet the Parents of Jess on ‘New Girl’

New Girl Season 2 Cast

Fans of the FOX comedy ‘New Girl’ will learn the identity of Jess’s (Zooey Deschanel) parents. And just who will they be? Well, they are going to be portrayed by none other than actor-turned-director Rob Reiner and actress sans Activia endorser Jamie Lee Curtis. Quite a parentage, huh?

In a report made by E! Online, the well-known celebs will play Joan and Bob, Jess’ divorced parents, who come for a visit at Thanksgiving. It looks like, during their visit, that Jess will attempt to get her parents back together, as if that will turn out well, right?

As horror fans know all too well, Curtis got her start in the classic ‘Halloween’ flick as well as the films ‘True Lies’ and ‘Freaky Friday’. More recently she has appeared in a recurring role of the long-running CBS series ‘NCIS’.

Reiner, on the other hand, got his start in the classic 70’s sitcom ‘All in the Family’ and later directed the cult favorite film ‘The Princess Bride’ and a certain chick flick that everyone will recognize – ‘When Harry Met Sally’ [among others].

The second season of ‘New Girl’ will be back on FOX starting on September 25 with two airings, the first at 8/7c and then the next that same night, in its regular timeslot at 9/8c.