HBO’s ‘Girls’ Get Happy In The Season 2 Teaser [Video]

Girls (HBO) Hard Being Easy Episode 5

Maybe all of those Emmy nominations cheered up the ladies on Girls?

The newly released teaser for the show’s second season features the cast smiling and laughing together, which is quite the departure from the somber tone that dominated the critically acclaimed first season. There is a catch though–the teaser is more of a behind the scenes look, than an actual preview of what’s coming up for Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa, and with five Emmy nominations and heaps of praise for their freshman season, the cast has plenty to smile about.

As for what we can expect from season two, the video does reveal that Hannah’s lovable, oddball boyfriend, Adam will be back despite their dramatic breakup in the season finale. We also get a glimpse of a bearded Charlie. Perhaps Marnie’s clean-cut ex is going to be getting in touch with his dark side this season? Watch the teaser for yourself below, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Season two of Girls will premiere January 2013 on HBO.