Face Off “Supermobile” Review – “Orphans. That’s What Makes A Great Superhero.”

Face Off Supermobile Season 3 Episode 5

This week on Face Off, the contestants are given three days to create a superhero and sidekick based on a car that they selected. They are divided into random teams of two, and given the option of choosing from five different vehicles.

The teams and their vehicles are:

  • Derek and Sarah – Motorcycle and Sidecar
  • Jason and Rod – Tatra T87
  • Tommy and Laura – Tank looking thing (I believe they called it a “Humber Pig”)
  • Roy and Alana – Dodge Charger
  • I feel like I say this every week, but the sneak peek from last week’s episode that showed this comic book based challenge had me very excited. I love comic books and superheros, and I was really looking forward to what each contestant’s creations. I’m sorry to say that I was a little underwhelmed.

    In my mind (which is not that of a professional makeup artist), the task of creating a superhero and sidekick would be a huge amount of fun, and the possibilities seem endless! I know that a few contestants stated that they didn’t really know a lot about superheros and weren’t too familiar with the comic book world; but there just seemed to be a lack of creativity this week from the work room.

    Let’s start with the bottom looks.

    Jason and Rod had the concept of “brains and brawn”, and in theory this would have worked well. The brain of the operation was supposed to be wheelchair bound (which made me wonder why he was standing and why there was no mention at all about this during explanations), while the brawn did his bidding. They were connected by head and chest pieces that had a glowing middle to them… which reminded me a little of Iron Man’s arc reactor – minus Tony Stark.

    The sketches were better than the actual execution of the pieces. The prosthetic pieces didn’t turn out the way that Jason or Rod intended them too, the silicon needed to be painted over on Jason’s model, and the props looked like cheap Halloween costumes. They didn’t fit right, and even despite several warnings from Ve that his sculpture was looking too much like his previous works, Rod didn’t change the look enough to see a difference. For crying out loud, she even came back in after leaving the work room to tell him to rework his adjustments because the piece still looked too similar to his other pieces.

    Rod knew that this was bad (I have no recollection of anything like this happening on Face Off before), and consciously attempted to make the sculpt different. It didn’t work. During the presentation to the judges, Ve seemed to be a little ticked off with the lack of originality on Rod’s part, and Neville was very right in stating that Jason’s model should have been shirtless to enhance the “brawn” portion of the pair.

    Also in the botton teams were Sarah and Derek. Again, their concept was strong and worked really well with the motorcycle/sidecar that they choose. I loved the idea of a woman Indiana Jones, and Ve was correct in coaching Sarah to not ugly up her female character. As a superhero, females are notoriously beautiful, and the things that Sarah had planned would have been really overwhelming for their concept.

    Derek had never worked with silicon before and ran into issues with his jaw piece staying on his model. One thing that I’ve learned from the Face Off judges is to never ever build an expression into a model’s face. Derek fell into this trap when he attached his mouth piece onto his creation… and I cringed as the model stood on the stage as the glue failed and caused the prosthetic to fall off.

    The judges weren’t too keen on Sarah’s make up, especially her floating eye patch. While I understand the point behind their critique, and do agree that the make up looked a little “muddy”, personally I liked the direction that Sarah was heading. I only wish it would have been clearer in execution.

    The top looks of this week went to team Laura and Tommy and team Alana and Roy. Tommy’s creation was pretty sloppy and looked like a busted up version of Two-Face from the Batman stories. Laura’s sidekick to Tommy’s superhero was stunning. The paint was beautiful, and all of the judges said that it was her attention to detail that earned them a spot in the top looks.

    Alana and Roy were the two that really created a look that screamed superhero and sidekick. Their “Fire” and “Chaos” was amazing. Once Alana corrected Fire’s face piece (her first one looked like worms) and figured out how to make the flames for her costume it seemed like smooth sailing. Chaos was the cutest sidekick and also the most involved costume piece on the stage. I’ll say it again – Roy continues to amaze me with the things that he creates, and I sincerely hope that he is in the finals of this season of Face Off. He deserves it!

    The winner of “Supermobile” was Alana, which I don’t really agree with. Based on the issues that she has with creation and the time management skills that she lacks, I think Alana gets by because of the generosity of the other contestants. I haven’t seen a season of Face Off where everyone is so genuinely nice to each other and really seems to want to lend a helping hand. Case in point is Roy and how he mentors Alana when she becomes frazzled with her work. I think that, at some point, she needs to do a make up entirely on her own and not rely on anyone else to help her out.

    The person that went home tonight was Jason. This was also a surprise to me. While Jason’s makeup was lacking in a few different areas, I was expecting Rod to pack up his kit and head out of the makeup room because his creation looked so much like his others. But it was Jason’s execution that sent him packing.

    Having Kevin Smith as a guest judge for this challenge was a smart move! Smith has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to comics, and was able to be constructive while staying upbeat with the contestants. He wasn’t the most objective judge that the stage has ever seen – it appeared that he liked every piece he looked at for one reason or another… and even offered Jason a job after he was eliminated.

    I’m hoping that next week the creations have a little more “oomph” behind them. What did you think of tonight’s episode of Face Off? Did the right person go home? Did the right person walk away with a win? I want to hear from you!

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