Alphas “Falling” Review

Distracted by the thought of his daughter being a spy for Stanton Parish, Rosen was unable to focus on the Alpha-of-the-week phenomenon that the rest of the team had been tasked with investigating on this week’s episode of Alphas.

Although there were a number of little side stories running throughout, “Falling” really had two major stories to tell. The first was tied to Kat’s history with a drug dealer, Dylan Renfro, who had been linked to a drug which temporarily hardened people’s skin giving them a Kevlar-like armor.

Initially Kat was just looking for an opportunity to be utilized by the Alphas team, but as she got more involved with Dylan, the mystery of her own past sucked her in. As much as Kat had said that she was comfortable with the side effect of her ability, we could see her excitement and curiosity grow as she rediscovered missing bits of her past. She couldn’t hide her satisfaction when she found distant familiarity with certain favorite colors and flavors.

Unfortunately Dylan knew Kat well enough to know that he could use Kat to his advantage and she’d forget everything about their time together in a month or two. No doubt that jerk deserved every bit of butt-kicking that Kat so spectacularly dished out as he attempted his escape at the end.

We’ve come to know Kat as a peppy little fighter in this season of Alphas. While she still retains that aspect of her character, seeing her interact with someone from a forgotten past gave us a better idea of the unimaginable heartbreak of forgetting oneself entirely every few weeks. One might think it would be a blessing to not be able to remember suffering, but as we saw with Dylan, for Kat, it’s closer to a curse.

The second major plot line followed Rosen as he struggled to take a course of action after discovering Dani’s link to Stanton Parish’s network. Agent Clay had told Rosen that they were working to decode Parish’s communication network, so the clock was ticking for Rosen to make a decision. Rosen wanted Parish’s network to be uncovered, but he also wanted to protect his daughter. From Rosen’s perspective, both Stanton Parish and Agent Clay were threats to his daughter’s safety. Rosen even went as far as asking Nina to get Dani a fake passport so she could leave the country, but Nina gave Rosen some of his own advice and nipped that idea in the bud.

As desperate as he was to save his daughter, Rosen couldn’t see another way out for Dani and arranged a meeting in Riverside Park. Considering that Rosen had been talking to Agent Clay about the investigation throughout the episode, I thought it was unusual that John was the agent in charge of Dani’s arrest and not Clay. I’m wondering if there was a particular reason that Rosen chose to work with John, or if it was just a matter of Dani’s arrest being below Clay’s pay-grade.

Rosen and Dani’s final scenes together were incredibly moving. Dani completely resigned herself to her perceived fate and tearfully asked Rosen to make sure she would be sent to Building 7 so she would be able to forget everything. We saw Rosen as a desperate father and Dani as a daughter in agony. For a brief moment, the Alpha phenomenon, Stanton Parish, Agent Clay, and the rest of the world did not matter to Rosen. All that mattered was that he be able to find a way to stop his daughter’s suffering.

There was a lot going on in this week’s episode of Alphas it was all good stuff. In fact, “Falling” might have benefited from giving each of the major story lines a little space to expand even further while leaving some of the smaller subplots for another time. I think I would have liked to spend more time exploring Dani and Rosen’s relationship before he turned her in, or more time seeing Kat’s growing interest in uncovering her own past, while leaving Cam’s touching father-son developments and Rachel’s dinner anxieties for other episodes.

Even if it felt a little cramped at times, this week’s episode of Alphas still managed to deliver a solid emotional impact. From the previews for next week, it looks like Rosen’s “way out” for Dani might be to offer her an opportunity to switch sides and leak information about Stanton Parish’s activities. If Dani really was a true believer in Parish’s ideals, I don’t know how Rosen would convince her to go along with his plan, so I’m very curious to find out what will happen next on Alphas.