The LA Complex “Make it Right” and “Now or Never” Review

The L.A. Complex "Make It Right; Now Or Never" (2)

Tonight, fans of The LA Complex were treated to not one but two episodes of The CW drama. It’s the home stretch until the season two finale next week, and the writers did an excellent job of making the viewers want more.

The LA Complex is totally my TV guilty pleasure right now. I’m not one to fall for the teen angsty dramas that tend to be popular at this point, but there is just something about The LA Complex that makes me love it more each and every week.

To recap everything that went down in these two episodes, let’s start the beginning with King and Abby. Over the course of this season, King (Andra Fuller) has not been my favorite character to grace The LA Complex. While there were a few times that I felt bad for the guy, the majority of my feelings leaned towards disgust that he couldn’t just man up and admit to those close to him that he was gay.

Since the middle of season two, King actually has had the most story progression from a character standpoint. Tonight, we saw him fly himself and Abby to Montreal to find Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson). It turns out that King’s ex-boyfriend that he took out all of his agression on, is actually doing pretty well back at home in Canada. Tariq is living in his own apartment with a new boyfriend, and when Abby (Cassie Steele) shows up at his door, he actually listens to her and agrees to meet with King.

This is where King’s personal growth really shines through. When he meets Tariq, who to his credit doesn’t lash out at King at all, King apologizes and tells Tariq that he’s trying to get better. Tariq says goodbye and wishes him well. It was great to see King finally get the closure he needed with that situation, and even better to see him return to the studio to work on his album.

The best part of King’s story line this week was that his dad was able to see him record. I love the growing relationship between these two, which made the ending of King’s story during “Now or Never” all the more sad. I sincerely hope that this doesn’t set King back in his new relationship with Jarod (Christopher Taylor), but we’ll have to wait until next week to see about that.

Meanwhile, Abby has fallen for her new air force guy Gray, who seems just a little (okay, a lot) too good to be true. Also… his name is Gray. Come on. I’m really, really hoping that the character name and traits have nothing to do with Christian Grey from the 50 Shades of Grey book series. I’ll skip my diatribe on that series (considering I didn’t even finish the first book) and just say that Gray is really reminding me of Christian. He’s apparently got unlimited money, wants to spoil Abby incessantly, can fly a plane, blah, blah, blah.

Even with the stunt that he pulled pool side at the end of the episode this week, I have no trust in this guy. Either Gray is full of crap (his stories seem really suspicious to me, especially that he can’t disclose any information to Abby at all) or has several wives (or insecure girls like Abby) on the side.

Beth (Dayle McLeod) and Cam (Kristopher Turner) hook up while Raquel (Jewel Staite) declares bankruptcy and decides to shoot Cam and Kevin’s (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) movie with no budget. Surprisingly it goes pretty well, until Kevin declares that they need some equipment and Raquel realizes that she can’t get any sort of loan. However, Raquel is crazy resourceful and winds up tending bar. In addition to pouring drinks, Raquel starts swiping customer’s credit card information into a little black box from one of the waitstaff.

For every card that she swipes, she earns $25, and ends up racking in some serious dough. Of course, it is illegal and when she is almost busted by a patron, Raquel seems like she wants out… until she’s handed the wad of cash for one night of “work”. Raquel. Quit while you’re not behind bars!

Beth and Simon have a really emotional two episodes when dear old dad returns and wants to jump in as the good dad. Beth is suspicious of his motives, Simon just wants to make him happy, and dad is clueless when it comes to his kids. He tries to convince Beth to live with him in the Yukon, but she refuses. Simon declares that he’s going to stay with his sister, and dad decides to bodily carry him out of the Luxe… but runs into Connor, Gray, and Eddie who stop him from taking Simon away.

Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) is delicious, and even with his sister playing him like a fiddle, he just breaks my heart. Charlotte convinces her brother to join her “church”, and Connor coughs up over $5,000 to the Church of Scienetics. After his first payment is gone, he decides to do some research and discovers that Charlotte gets a cut of his dues, and also learns that this “church” is more of a cult. It was interesting to see how the writers of The LA Complex worked this angle of religion without going overboard or making the story line seem like a jab at any specific group. Instead, it fit in rather well with Connor needing a place to feel like he belongs, and gives him a place to work on his issues.

Nick has the chance to meet Sabrina’s parents… and finds out that his girlfriend has been lying to them for two years. They think that she’s a pre-med student at UCLA, and when Nick convinces her to tell them the truth, her dad cuts her off from her money. He’s also super pissed and wants to know where the $80,000 went that he gave her for tuition. Sabrina moves in with Nick and auditions for a new comedy series… and they are officially the cutest couple ever to grace the planet.

Sabrina is completely my favorite on The LA Complex, and I really hope that they put more of her and Nick into the season finale next week. What did you think? Did you get enough drama out of The LA Complex this week? What will come of the finale on the 24th? Stay tuned for more!

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