Perception “Light” Review – “If We Allow Fantasy To Overtake, We Can Miss The Reality That’s Right In Front Of Us…”

Perception Light Episode 10

In the continuation from last week’s episode, Perception finishes up it’s freshman season on a strong note. Moretti discovers that there really was a crime that Pierce witnessed, that he has not lost sense with reality.

A video surfaces of Wesley, which tells the FBI that if they’re watching said video, it means that Wesley is dead. After tracing the video to an internet cafe, Moretti finds that a teenager was responsible for the murder of Wesley, but didn’t do it out of anger or malice. Wesley and Alex worked together to have Pierce witness the murder. Alex filmed Wesley’s confession, and when the time was right, let an arrow fly from a crossbow while Pierce and Wesley were together.

According to their plan, Alex then cleaned up the body and Pierce believed that he had imagined the entire crime. Alex confesses that the video and murder were Wesley’s idea to get the FBI to follow up on Alex’s dad’s murder – a case that was actually ruled as a suicide.

Safe in the hospital, Pierce has no idea that what he saw actually happened. Instead, he’s faced with Natalie in real life. It turns out that Dr. Caroline Newsome really was the woman that Pierce saw, but it also comes out that Pierce imagined his entire relationship with Natalie – he never had the never to go and speak to Caroline when he saw her at a frat party.

Once Pierce is semi-stable, Caroline confesses that the murder actually happened, and Moretti and Pierce are back on the case. It turns out that there is much more blackmail happening in the senate than either of them suspected, but thanks to Pierce (who enlists the help of Caroline as a Natalie stand in), the crime is solved and everyone goes on their merry way.

I absolutely loved that Pierce finally gets to be friends with “Natalie”, even if Caroline really isn’t the girl that he fell in love with. That he actually gets to be real friends with his imaginary best friend was a wonderful tie in to the finale of Perception. I remember when we first discovered that Natalie was a hallucination and how it just broke my heart – and now here she is in the flesh for Pierce to talk to!

The relationship between Moretti and Pierce seemed to take a different turn tonight. While it appeared at one point that the two of them may move into a more romantic relationship, I felt a shift that they are now just going to remain friends and colleagues, which might be good for the time being. I did enjoy that Moretti made Pierce promise to tell her if he started to slip again.

Lewicki was also great to Pierce, especially when he smacked him across the face to snap him out of his break. Lewicki’s job is never portrayed as overly difficult, when in actuality it has to be extremely taxing. This college student is in charge of his professor, and tasked with keeping him sane…that can’t be easy on anyone! It was evident tonight just how much Lewicki respects and cares for Pierce.

A solid ending to a great first season, Perception! Can’t wait to see you in 2013.

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