Fall 2012: Dexter Season 7 Premiere Advance Review [Spoiler Free]

Dexter Season 7 Premiere

Update: Check out our full spoiler-ridden review here.

Well, we’re almost there folks! Dexter season 7 premieres on September 30th, and I’m sure you’re all hankering to find out just what happens after Deb sees Dex kill Travis Marshall! Well, if you want to find out exactly what happens, you won’t find that here. This is a spoiler-free reaction piece from a huge Dexter fan that was lucky enough to see the premiere a few weeks in advance. You can read my spoilerific review on September 30th as soon as the episode has aired, but I won’t go into any specific plot details here. Suffice it to say, you should be excited! Very, very excited!

I’m sure many of you reading this are big Dexter fans, and as such you’ve probably either seen the opening scenes from the premiere that Showtime released after Comic-Con or the spoiler-filled trailers they’ve been running on the channel for the past few weeks. You might have a vague idea of just how strongly Deb reacts, but I don’t think it’s too spoilery to let you know that she obviously doesn’t gun Dexter down or arrest him and throw him in jail. It’d be kind of tough to have two more seasons of the show that way, after all.

What I was very happy to see, however, was that she definitely does not let him off the hook. My biggest concern after the finale from last season, especially considering all of the creepy romantic feelings Deb was having for Dexter, was that she would find a way to excuse him or just make herself forget this terrible thing he’s done. That’s definitely not what’s going on here, and Deb isn’t going to forget about this any time soon. Just how much she finds out about Dexter, though, including his history and how many people he’s killed…well that’s for you to find out on September 30th!

There’s also quite a bit more going on in Miami Metro. Quinn is still a jerk, Batista is still frequently calling Quinn a jerk, and Masuka is still a funny little perv. The biggest improvement over last season is, surprisingly, with LaGuerta. She’s still just as power-hungry and cutthroat as ever, but she finds a piece of evidence in this episode that causes her to re-examine a case from several seasons ago. I love it when they make call backs on this show to previous seasons, and there are more than a few of those in this premiere episode. I’m sure that her discovery will bring up many more uncomfortable questions for Dexter, as well as possibly Deb, now that she’s somewhat aware of his extra-curricular activities.

Louis Greene, Jamie Batista’s boyfriend and nerdy little video game developer, also looks to be playing an increased role in this season. There was a lot of speculation last season about whether or not Louis is the third Moser brother; Dexter and Brian’s little bro. That’s definitely not answered here, but he continues to have quite a fascination with Dexter, and now he’s going so far as to messing with Dexter in his daily life. I’m really interested to see where this goes, as Louis is one of the only members of Miami Metro that I actually enjoy watching. Dexter does make it very clear to Louis that he doesn’t trust him, so it’ll be interesting to see how Louis responds to that.

I liked just about every new story line and character development in this episode, except for one. A character that we’ve seen in several previous episodes of Dexter is quickly and harshly written off the show, and it’s done in one of the sloppiest ways possible. Since the character is definitely one of the more minor ones, I’m sure lots of people won’t be too upset, but it’s still definitely worth noting.

However, with one of the characters being yanked out of the rotation, that leaves room for us to introduce more! Enter Ray Stevenson (Rome, Punisher: War Zone) as Isaac! He does appear to be the “Big Bad” of the season, but we still know very little about him. The lovely Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) is also a guest star for this season, but she’s not in the premiere episode. I don’t know exactly what character she’ll play, but after seeing the premiere episode I’m sure that we will all be able to make a pretty educated guess.

Despite a couple hiccups in the episode, I’d actually rank this as one of the best season premieres in Dexter history! There are a lot of intriguing and exciting story lines getting pushed forward, and the episode ends with yet another big cliffhanger! I really can’t stress this enough: Do not miss the last two minutes of this episode! We get what’s possibly the biggest “Holy crap!” moment in the series’ history, so make absolute sure your DVR doesn’t cut it off. You should be recording the brilliant Homeland anyway, which airs it’s premiere after Dexter, so you should be fine. However I still need to emphasize this as much as possible: You do NOT want to miss the ending!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the second episode, not to mention the rest of the season! Don’t forget to check back for my spoiler filled (and much longer) review on September 30th, where we will definitely be discussing the crazy last scene! See you all then!