Alphas Season 2 Interview: Warren Christie On Cameron Hicks’ Relationship Woes And Maturity

Warren Christie (1)

The second season of Alphas is nearing the midpoint, and, according to Warren Christie, there are still tons of surprises and revelations in store for fans. As part of a recent conference call, Warren Christie discussed what’s coming up next for his character, Cameron Hicks. He even gave a small teaser as to what fans can expect.

The trait Christie shares with Cameron

One thing Christie feels he shares with Cameron is a determined spirit. “Well, he’s a lot cooler than I am…From the beginning, I think he’s a fighter,” he said.  “He lost his way a little bit and kind of isolated himself. But I think once he’s given opportunities, especially in the  second season–strangely enough, he’s the one that wants to hold the group together…But that fighter mentality, that trying to over come type of thing–I’d like to think I have aspects of that as well. But, like I said, I think he’s a lot cooler than I am. I can run up a wall, I’ll tell you that much.”

What’s coming up for the second half of the season

Some of what Cameron will be facing during the second half of the season includes his relationship with Danielle Rosen (Kathleen Munroe) and the possibility of her being a mole for the enemy.

“We’ve set up for the first half of the season a lot of storylines. Dr. Rosen had the revelation Dani may have been the one who involved. And now we’re going to see the ripple effect of how it affects everyone on the team and herself and especially Cameron because Cameron is falling for her. He’s making this relationship work and he’s about to have his world flipped upside down. The second half is going to ramp up things a lot.”

Warren Christie (2)

Cameron’s past with Nina

The budding romance between Cameron and Nina (Laura Mennell) has ended, and Cameron is focusing on acting more mature by striving to make his relationship with Dani work, said Christie.

“We learn at the beginning of the second season they weren’t together and…we learned why. I think Hicks’ main focus is trying to create this life with Dani Rosen…and he really wants to make this work, and in the next episode we see how his son comes into play, how he’s a part of it. So I think his main focus is there,” he said, mentioning Cameron’s son Tyler (Gage Munroe) with his ex-wife. “There’s still a past [between Nina and Cameron],” he said. “He cares about Nina in a way that only past couples can. But at the same time I think his main focus is to be good at work and to be the best boyfriend he can. And we’ll see… that he’s really trying to fix the mistakes that he’s made as a father in the past and push forward.”

Cameron becomes more comfortable…for a while. 

With the team now back together, Cameron might feel like he’s back in his element, but not for long, according to Christie.

“When we first see him at the beginning of the year, he’s doing his job. I don’t think Hicks is a paperwork kind of guy. He’s trying to do his job and be the good little worker, but I think he’s much happier in a different role,” he said.  “I think they’re all happier with Rosen (David Strathairn) back–he is their leader for so many different reasons–but I think that when you take [what] we learn about Hicks, he’s not a big fan of pressure… I think he’s a much happier guy… behind the scenes and doing what he needs to do.  Hopefully you will see him take a much different role in the second half. There’s going to be a lot of changes in the character that I think are very exciting.”

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