Copper “La Tempete” Review

After last week’s violent cliffhanger, I was a little disappointed that this week’s episode of Copper, “La Tempete,” didn’t pick up right were we left off. As a matter of fact, it was difficult to tell exactly when we were picking up again.

Molly was barely mentioned and there was no murmur of murder anywhere at all. Francis seemed to be in good spirits and he was already friendly enough with the abortionist’s sister, Mary Lockwood, to be getting engaged. The missing ledger and Mary’s trail of bribes were not brought up, so it was as if the events of “The Empty Locket” were ancient history.

It’s not that I wasn’t interested in Elizabeth’s party and the Roderick gang’s heist, but there was so much that I wanted to see explored after last week’s episode that I felt a little jilted when the plot plowed on ahead without addressing the drama brought up last week. Did no one notice anything suspicious about Molly’s death? When and how did Francis and Mary become so close?

With Molly out of the picture, there are only three characters left in the all-the-ladies-love-Corcoran game. Elizabeth continued her aggressive flirting after she requested that Corcoran be put on security duty for her party. She wasn’t going to be able to get him to the party any other way, so she had to have him work. Annie continued to show us that she was a completely messed up little girl in love with Corcoran, and in need of serious therapy. Even Eva showed up for the party to lurk about and offer herself up as a private after party for Corcoran.

I was particularly irritated to see that Eva had made it into Elizabeth’s philanthropic gala event. I can believe that Eva had the funds to buy an invitation off someone, but I can’t imagine that Elizabeth’s doorman wouldn’t do a little bit of social filtering before letting just anyone with an invite through the door. I suspect that many men at Elizabeth’s party had personal familiarity with the nature of Eva’s business, but that does not necessarily make her the type of businesswoman that people in polite society would want to rub elbows with publicly. Watching Eva “ask” for a loan in the middle of that party was awkward and while I might have believed it if it was at one of Robert Moorehouse’s raunchier parties, I had a hard time buying it at Elizabeth’s charity event.

The switch-a-roo that Corcoran coordinated was predictable, but I chuckled when Robert revealed that the funds were really being transported in his leg. The episode wrapped up with Corcoran and Robert drifting off into a morphine induced haze as they mulled over what would happen if Corcoran died before he solved the mystery of his missing wife and dead daughter.

The opening fight scene in tonight’s episode was beautifully shot and incredibly choreographed. As much as it was a captivating opening, it felt like it should have been the start to a completely different episode. Actually, most of the story that centered on Jasper’s upcoming fight against the legendary Irishman might have worked better in an episode where it could have been more central to the plot.

I’ve been disappointed that Matthew’s wife, Sarah, has been a one dimensional character who is scared of everything and spends her day moping, staring out the window, or cooking. She had a good line tonight when she asked Matthew why they felt it was necessary to be good at violence simply because they had experienced violence. We don’t hear a lot from her except when she’s talking about things she’s scared of, but her observations tonight gave us a little peek of the astute mind that lies beneath all her fears. I’d really like to see her character develop and come out of that timid shell. She had to be interesting enough for a smart guy like Matthew to care for her so much. I want to get to know the version of Sarah that Matthew fell in love with.

From the moment Marcus was introduced, it was pretty clear that he would make an unwelcome pass at Sarah and tonight it happened in broad daylight while Matthew was out of the house. By the time Matthew got home, Marcus had been beaten to a pulp and Jasper had run off into the woods. I’m curious to see how Matthew handles Marcus after finding out that he had acted violently towards Sarah.

From the previews, we know that Jasper and Marcus both make a full recovery in time to get back to the fights with Matthew. We’ll have to wait and see what Copper has in store for Corcoran, Moorehouse, and the Five Points district next week.