[VIDEO] Cyberstalker (Lifetime Movie) Starring Mischa Barton

Cyberstalker Lifetime Mischa Barton

Watch a video and check out photos of the upcoming episode of Cyberstalker starring Mischa Barton premieres Friday September 14 (9p/PT) on Lifetime Movie Network. The movie also stars Dan Levy, Ron Lea and more.

Cyberstalker Synopsis: Thirteen years ago, Aiden’s world was torn apart after an online stalker followed her into the real world and broke into her home to claim the object of his desire. The resulting night of terror ended with the murders of both Aiden s mother and father.

The stalker escaped the scene without Aiden seeing his face; he is gone without a trace, an unknown man, a murderer now watching Aiden s every move. To escape this danger Aiden spends the next 13 years offline, in therapy and secluded anonymity. Who should Aiden trust in a web of deception where no one may be who they seem? There is nowhere for Aiden to hide when someone wants to love her to death.

The film was directed by Curtis Crawford and written by Chris Lancey and Kraig Wenman.

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