Fall 2012: Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Photos!

Supernatural, Season 8, The CW

The season 8 premiere of Supernatural is all set to air on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9PM (EST) on The CW! Check out the new photos from the premiere episode!

Episode Synopsis: Directed by Robert Singer and written by Jeremy Carver, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” reunites Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester after being separated for over a year. Dean is out of purgatory and heads directly to his brother’s side. Sam drops everything that he’s got going on in his new life to head out with Dean, but giving up the new life he’s grown to love turns out to be harder than he expected. The brothers head out to find Kevin (Osric Chau) who escaped Crowley (Mark Sheppard), but things go down hill when Kevin explains to the Winchesters what Crowley is really after.

The pictures show that the impala is as good as new, and Dean is right back where he belongs – behind the wheel. There are a few shots of the guest stars including Kevin and Crowley, and Crowley seems to have a new friend in tow as well. It also looks like we’ll get to see Sam and Dean up to their old shenanigans and breaking into buildings. Take a look through all of the images below!

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Photo Credit: Ed Araquel / The CW

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