Cartoon Network Picks Up Of ‘Steven Universe’ & ‘Uncle Grandpa’

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The Cartoon Network has sent two new animated series into pre-production. Both Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa have both received the green light and will be making their way to the network’s line-up in 2013.

The series ‘Steven Universe’ comes from Rebecca Sugar who is well known for her storyboard work on ‘Adventure Time’. Her series will follow Steven, a young magical guardian of the universe and his cohorts. Meanwhile Cartoon Network’s other addition, ‘Uncle Grandpa’, is the creation of Emmy Award nominee Pete Browngardt and will chronicle the adventures of the titular character. Browngardt has previously worked on ‘Adventure Time’ as well and the show ‘Chowder’.

Cartoon Network’s Chief Content Officer Rob Sorcher made the announcement surrounding the pick-up of both animated series’ after what was a stellar summer for the network who managed to pull in the highest ratings in the past 20 years . “Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa will build upon our record-breaking streak with original programming, and further define the voice for Cartoon Network Studios comedies. Rebecca and Pete represent our next generation of homegrown talent, following Pen Ward and JG Quintel who set a high bar with their distinctive visual storytelling and unique comedic styles.”

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