Awkward “Once Upon a Blog” Review

Awkward Once Upon A Blog Season 2 Episode 11
I think that “Once Upon a Blog,” this week’s episode of Awkward, might just be my favorite of the series thus far. Maybe it’s the fiction writer in me, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see a variety of “what if?” scenarios, courtesy of Jenna’s blog soul-searching. What conclusion did she arrive at? Well, it wouldn’t be a very good episodic television show if they didn’t wait to tell us that, but there were other conclusions drawn, namely the fact that Jenna really doesn’t like herself at all.

How else to explain the fact that in every scenario she tried to write, she ended up a terrible person with no friends? Except maybe in the Twilight-esque fantasy. BTW, is it sad that she conveyed more emotion in that parody that other actresses have in four, going on five movies? It’s clear that Jenna is her own worst enemy, far meaner to herself that Sadie ever could be…although Sadie would totally try to prove that wrong if given the chance.

So, what would have happened if Jenna hadn’t slept with Matty at summer camp, and made him DTR before there was a physical R? Apparently, she would have ended up as cheerleader besties with Sadie, sporting some plastic boobs and mega-bitch ‘tude that humbled even her mother. She also would have been terrible to Matty, prompting him to find comfort in the arms of Ming. Although I try not to read too much into anything on MTV, I can’t say I was thrilled to think that girls might see this and get the message that respecting themselves and denying a boy closet sex would turn them into raging, ego-inflated bitches. Let’s just hope they can separate fact and fiction.

In the second scenario, Jenna imagined what would have happened if she’d told Jake up front that she and Matty boinked at summer camp. If it had gone down like that, apparently she and Jake would have had terrible sex and he would have gone back to Lissa, then she would have faked a pregnancy scare to get him back, only to find out that she actually was pregnant, and Matty would have been glad to have dodged a bullet. In this scenario, Jenna assumed that she and Jake would have had terrible sex. I suppose we might never know if this was true or not, but I can’t exactly discount her becoming overly clingy. It is in her personality to obsess.

The third imagining, by far my favorite, saw Jenna ditching summer camp for summer school, thereby never connecting with Matty, and never becoming friends with Jake, but also never becoming a target for Sadie’s wrath. Why is this one my favorite? Well, it somehow managed to be the most likely to have happened…and yet the most unlikely, too. Because in Jenna’s mind, if she hadn’t slept with Matty or dated Jake, they would have discovered their true love for each other. Not sure if that’s narcissisism or self-loathing, but it’s an amusing thought.

In the end, Jenna decided that everything happened for a reason because it all lead to her being the neurotic girl she is today. She even declared that she’d decided exactly where her heart belonged. Of course, we won’t find out until next week.

But who thinks she might have been calling Ming?

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