Take A Look At The Cast Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Looking Glam And Gothic For Season 4

The cast of The Vampire Diaries is looking as gorgeous as ever in the newly released season four cast photos. This year’s photos have an even more gothic feel than usual, with a heavy emphasis placed on the colors black and red in the wardrobe choices. The most startling portrait is Nina Dobrev’s. When she’s in Elena mode, Dobrev’s wardrobe usually reflects her character’s girl-next-door innocence, but she looks downright Katherine-esque in her red and black ensemble this year. Is it a reflection of Elena’s transition to vampire life or her impending adulthood?

Elena won’t be the only one in transition this year. Undead or not, Elena and her friends will be heading into the last few months of their high school careers before graduation. With their lives in flux, the characters will be feeling even more protective of their hometown than usual– a feeling that will only increase with the arrival of a new villain and the lingering threat of the town council.

One thing that won’t be changing is the show’s central love triangle. Damon and Stefan will still be fighting over Elena’s heart, maybe even more so now that forever is on the table thanks to Elena’s vampiric state. The trio get a photo all to themselves, and its fog-tinged setting combined with Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder all being decked out in evening wear, makes it so romantic that even Wuthering Height‘s gothic hero Heathcliff would swoon.

You can check out all of the photos in the gallery below. Season four of The Vampire Diaries premieres Oct. 11 on The CW.

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(Photo Credit: Justin Stephens / The CW)