10 TV Kisses That Were Worth The Wait

10 tv kisses that were worth the wait

Will they or won’t they relationships are a television staple. For many fans, waiting for their favorite couple to get to the “will” stage is the highlight of the show. Usually it takes multiple seasons worth of long looks, miscommunication and crazy obstacles before the duo will make their feelings known, but when they finally do, viewers are rewarded for their patience with a long-awaited kiss. There is a lot of pressure put on that lip-lock to be a success. If it’s subpar it can sink a ship faster than an iceberg, but if it’s actually worth the wait it can be among the most memorable moments in a show’s run. Of course, not all long-awaited kisses are between couples suffering from UST (unresolved sexual tension). Sometimes our favorite shows find ways for established couples to have epic kisses as well.

In that spirit, I’ve come up with a list of 10 TV kisses that were well worth wait.

1. Jim & Pam–The Office, 2×22 “Casino Night”

Jim and Pam

Two seasons of watching Jim and Pam flirt, pine and orchestrate elaborate practical jokes together finally paid off in the season two finale. Jim chose Dunder Mifflin’s casino night to declare his feelings to the soon to be married Pam, only to have her reject him. Few scenes have ever been quite as heartbreaking as watching a teary Jim apologize for “misinterpreting their friendship,” but the heartbreak didn’t last long. He followed Pam back to the office and without saying a word, he kissed her.

It would take another entire season for Jim and Pam to become an official couple, but at least we had the “Casino Night” kiss in our memories to make the wait bearable.

2. Luke & Lorelai–Gilmore Girls, 4×22 “Raincoats and Recipes”

Luke and Lorelai

“Would you just stand still?”

Sweeter words have never been spoken. After four seasons, I had almost given up on Luke and Lorelai ever getting together, but then Luke finally made his feelings clear. Even better though was when Lorelai reciprocated them. Their kiss was achingly romantic…right up until it was interrupted by a screaming, naked Kirk.

3. Ross & Rachel–Friends, 2×07 “The One Where Ross Finds Out”

Ross and Rachel

Technically, Ross & Rachel’s first kiss happened in the first season when Rachel kissed Ross to celebrate standing up for herself at the laundry mat. The show was still so young at that point though that there was no real buildup to the moment. The kiss that left fans’ hearts melting didn’t occur until the second season when Ross discovered that Rachel had feelings for him.

First they argued about the timing, but in the end the duo shared an appropriately epic kiss outside Central Perk in the rain.

4. Tara & Willow–Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 5×16 “The Body”

willow and tara

Willow and Tara had long been an established couple when they finally shared their first on-screen kiss. Until the wrenching season five episode “The Body,” creator Joss Whedon had been forced to portray the physical side of their relationship through magical metaphor. The first time we see them kiss follows the death of Buffy’s mother and it stands as a beautiful, grounding moment in an otherwise painful episode. It’s a shame that we had to wait so long to see them kiss, but the scene itself couldn’t have been more moving.

5. Barney & Robin–How I Met Your Mother, 3×16 “Sandcastles in the Sand”

barney and robin

Barney and Robin hadn’t been dancing around each other for years like the other couples on this list. They had always been bros, but they weren’t the built in couple we were meant to be rooting for. That didn’t stop a certain segment of the fanbase from latching onto them way back in season one’s “Zip, Zip, Zip” when the chemistry between the two of them first became apparent.

For that reason, their kiss in “Sandcastle in the Sand” has the distinction of being a kiss that was both shocking and highly anticipated by those who had been quietly shipping the couple all along.

6. Castle & Beckett–Castle, 3×13 “Knockdown”

castle and beckett

I’m not a regular Castle viewer myself, but even I was excited to see Beckett and Castle’s fake makeout quickly turn into a real one in “Knockdown.” The couple’s chemistry had been simmering since day one and watching them give into it, even briefly, was fantastic.

7. Booth & Brennan–Bones, 3×09 “The Santa in the Slush”

bones and booth

Booth and Brennan’s kiss was a Christmas miracle orchestrated by Caroline. The partners met under the mistletoe at her request, and at the end of their kiss–which involved lapel grabbing on Brennan’s end–Booth had Brennan’s gum in his mouth.

Sure, Brennan insisted it was like kissing her brother, but did anyone really believe her at that point?

8. Ben & Leslie–Parks and Recreation, 3×14 “Road Trip”

Leslie and Ben

I am not ashamed to admit that I loved Leslie and Ben’s first kiss so much that I refused to delete the episode from my DVR until the DVDs came out. There’s not a single thing about the moment that isn’t perfect, but it’s the way the normally nervous Ben decisively steps forward to kiss Leslie gets to me every time.

The pair had been trying to keep their feelings at bay for months to avoid trouble at work, but it was a great relief to see them stop being cautious and end their adorable, but also stressful, courtship.

9. Veronica & Logan–Veronica Mars, 1×18 “Weapons of Class Destruction”

veronica and logan

The tension between Veronica and Logan had been brewing all season long, but there was some question for awhile over whether it would result in a kiss or a brawl. Ultimately, they went for the latter in an episode that found Logan saving Veronica. She rewarded him with a brief kiss that stunned them both, but only for a moment. Logan quickly reciprocated and thus began one of the best teen relationships to ever hit the small screen.

10. Desmond & Penny–Lost, 4×14 “There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2)”

desmond and penny

Desmond and Penny were Lost‘s designated star-crossed lovers. Her father hated him, he had serious self worth issues that kept interfering with their happiness and then he got stuck on the island. They were tragic, but also ridiculously compelling. For that reason their big reunion kiss after spending three years apart needed to be special. And it was. I’m talking Desmond scaling the side of a boat to get to her special. It wasn’t quite as romantic as their phone call in “The Constant,” but their kiss was definitely worth waiting for.


Those are 10 of my favorite long-awaited TV kisses, but now I want to hear from you. Which TV kisses do you think were worth the wait?

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