Gossip Girl Season 6: Slap, Slap…Wedding? [Video]

gossip girl chuck blair

The promo for Gossip Girl‘s sixth and final season is almost as stylish as Blair’s wardrobe. Set to the tune of SSION’s “Listen 2 the Girls,” the trailer promises the series last ten episodes will also be its best. It’s hard to argue with that once you see the sheer amount of drama they cram into one minute. There’s party crashing, some enthusiastic Chuck/Blair sex, lots of slaps and Serena trying out a new name to go along with her new boyfriend (Barry Watson)–and that’s not even mentioning the wedding.

The promo can best be summed up by Georgina: “No holding back, everyone gets exposed.”

Check out the trailer below. Season six of Gossip Girl premieres Oct. 8 on The CW.